Answer Me This – If You Were Alone

1) If you knew you were going to be alone in your own house all day long and nobody was coming over (and you are a woman), would you put on a bra?

2) If no one would ever know – what movie would you want to watch (after the porn)?

3) If you had a whole weekend to yourself and you didn’t have any chores to do, how many hours would you spend on the internet?

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  1. 1. Yes
    2. I would just watch endless crappy reality tv.
    3. Way, way too many hours (while I’m watching crappy reality tv)

    BTW – this, sadly, sounds like a the best weekened EVER to me!

  2. 1) Yes I would. It’s just my nature.

    2) Animal House, Caddy Shack and/or Blues Brothers.

    3)Actually I would spend less time on the Internet because I would be spending more time watching Bravo because no one else would be using the TV to watch Drake & Josh or GhostHunters International.

  3. 1. Sure. And then I’d follow up by flogging myself with barbed wire. As long as I’m descending into masochism, I might as well go all the way.

    2. Anything that doesn’t involve Diego or Barney.

    3. All of them.

  4. 1. Of course not. The bra is the first to go when I get home. (I can whip it off through my sleeve. I am VERY talented.)

    2. I’m in the middle of watching “Coupling” right now, so probably that.

    3. A big chunk. But I would have to leave some time to read, eat and nap. Not necessarily in that order.

  5. John Taylor is very cute.

    Now for your question,

    1. No, my boobs are too big they NEED the support. (Bugger)

    2. I do love me a bit of Bridget Jones.

    3. Sooo many. God I would love to find out. Anyone want two small kids and an occasionally grumpy bloke for a weekend??

  6. 1) Absolutely not. The girls like to fly freeeeee.

    2) Jaws 2. Hands down. (Bet you didn’t see that one coming, did you?)

    3) I’m guessing 4-5…

  7. I’m sorry, I was going to answer these questions, but I went into spasms of ecstasy at the thought of a weekend to myself with nothing to do….

  8. MathleteSarah says:

    1. Bra – yes…but only because I am currently nursing 1 month old twins and I leak. It is generally uncomfortable to have wet spots on my shirt…I suppose I could adhere the nursing pads to my breasts and then go braless.
    2. I love to have Bridget Jones marathons watching both 1 and 2 in succession… not that I have time to do this but given the opportunity I will.
    3. Chores I am ignoring my chores right now while the babies sleep, so that I can surf the net.

  9. I love reading these comments because it reassures me that even if I am not “normal” in what I do, at least I have lots of wonderful people that are about the same.

    1. NO bra. I often skip it even when other people are home. But I can also wear a child size bra and have it be loose on me.

    2. I have no idea after the porn.

    3. I frequently put off doing chores just to read blogs, so I’m going to say the entire time?

  10. 1. I wear a bra all the time, I claim that’s how I have such perky boobs because I don’t expose them to gravity (I really think it’s probably good genes but I came up with this theory in 7th grade and I’ve stuck with it).

    2. I’d probably watch Say Anything, Better Off Dead or Princess Bride only because I have all three memorized and it annoys people because I can’t stop myself from saying every line.

    3. I would spend an ungodly amount of time…since I do it now when I have things I should be doing already!

  11. Yes, I live alone too so the shameful things I do would shock some.

    1. Hell no. NO just no. HELL no.
    2. Oh god. Probably something with Barbra Streisand. I’d go deep.
    3. Two hours. Any more than that and I bore the crap out of myself. Now, ask me hour many hours of West Wing reruns I watch…

  12. 1. Yes. I’m a creature of habit.
    2. Something scary. My husband is afraid of scary movies so I can’t watch them around him.
    3. How many hours are there in a weekend?

  13. 1) No way! I paid dearly to have “my girls” stand at attention until I die.

    2) Law and Order marathon style!

    3) Chores? Can you hear me lmao… Yeah, I’d spend my entire day on the computer…..

  14. 1. I doubt it.

    2. Probably Dune or something else Christina doesn’t like and that I can acknowledge isn’t all that great even though I like it, and that way she won’t have to endure it.

    3. More than I am willing to admit.

  15. The minute I walk in the door at night, the bra comes off and I am never alone. Screw ’em. They’re tits, every other person in the world has them.

    Movie…hmm…Probably some stupid movie from my youth, like Revenge of the Nerds or Ferris Bueller.

    And I would be on the computer 24 hrs a day, but not necessarily on the internet. Only 12 for the internet.

  16. Late to the game but…
    1- no bra. I’m an A-cup, so it’s very easy to get away with just a tank top.
    2- well, after the porn…”Nice Girls Don’t Explode” Seriously, check it out. And “Slap Shot,” as long as it’s the uncut version.
    3- many, many, many hours. If I could avoid sleep, I’d probably spend 48 straight hours online.

  17. 1. If you were to show up unannounced at my house as soon as 5 minutes after I get home from work, you would find me braless.

    2. Pretty Woman

    3. A whole weekend? Probably about 6-8 hours.

  18. 1. No way would I put that thing on if I didn’t have to.

    2. Ever After

    3. All of them

  19. 1. Hell no…..I definitely need a bra when I go in public, but at home go bra-less when I can!

    2. Rent

    3. Gosh…probably the whole weekend then. lol

  20. 1) Oh, definitely I’ll go bra-less. I even go bra-less in public in clothes that don’t reveal too much. I hate to wear bras!

    2) I’ll watch Oprah or Fear Factor.

    3) I can do nothing but surf the net the whole day!

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