Burn Me

I was having this lovely conversation with my children about how much I loved them and how happy their father and I were that we got them as kids.

I told them how much all of their grandparents loved them and how much their Aunt and Uncle loved them.

Somehow this turned into a math lesson and we were counting how many grandparents they have and how many cousins and then we got to how many parents they have.

Claudia said “I have two parents, but do you know who my very very very best parent is?”

“Who?” I said completely prepared for the compliment.

“My Daddy!”



Sorry that my blog has been spotty lately. I am in the middle of changing hosting. Everything should be completely back to normal in the next 24 hours.


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  1. yup, i know. i went to zoe’s school and they had done a project called “my hero” and i looked at all the cute little pictures and stories written on lined paper. i got to zoe’s, and you got it, her hero was her dad. oh well. maybe it’s the trip to hawaii? :) j/k

  2. Wait till daddy puts her in timeout; who will be the best parent then? hmmm? My 7yo is old enough to understand about fickle feelings, so we’ll taunt him with eluded promises. *Spoonful of ice cream in the face* “Who’s your favorite parent?” Yes, we’re evil.

  3. My step son asked his daddy when he was going to get a new step mom… Daddy said whenever XYZ (can’t remember the celebrities name) comes to our hometown and daddy gets a date…
    Then they both rolled on the ground laughing!

  4. Michael only ever wants his Daddy.

  5. Maybe your spotty blog is why you had that minipad out the other day.

  6. We also joke in our house that at any given moment one of us will have “Most Favored Parent Status” and the other will be “the other one.”

  7. Do you have a new feed? You’re not coming across in my reader anymore. I had to come find you because I realized I was missing my Goon Squad Sarah.

  8. You’re not showing up in my reader anymore either. I’m so sad!

  9. Hubby is the bestest parent around here too.

    The bastard.

  10. Hmf, indeed. I can’t even trick mine into picking me as his favorite. 😉

  11. Seriously dude, where ya been? I was just fed this post today…

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