You Be the Judge: UCF Crocs

I just bought a pair of UCF Crocs.

Am I:

a) The honorary President of the University of Central Florida Alumni Association. Go Knights!

b) The dork to end all dorks.

c) In need of counselling to curb impulse spending.

d) Going to feel bad I didn’t buy Gabe the USF ones even though I honestly cannot imagine him in a pair of crocs. They weren’t bright green.

e) Dude. We don’t care what you wear on your feet. You are the coolest and I’m just glad that your rss feed is working again.


ps – While I was in the store buying these Claudia was peeing on the boat in the play area of the mall. Nodody let their kids play on the pirate ship today. Ewwwwwwwww.

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  1. B and a touch of C (sorry, but wth were you thinking? crocs?!)

    And ewwwww…. I hope there were hand wipes around to clean that up. At least Ian didn’t try to one-up her? Double ewwwww.

  2. You’re kind of a dork, but you’re my kind of dork. I wear almost nothing but Crocs. They are so comfortable and so kind to my joints that I own them in about fifteen colors and four or five different styles. Also, they last forever and if they get dirty, you can wash them in the dishwasher.

    Not with your dishes, though. Wash them alone.

    I am clearly the worst kind of suburban loser ever. Six months from now, I’ll be wearing a Christmas sweater. With bells embroidered on it, probably.

  3. I’ve got to go with a combo of B and E.

    But I love you no matter what you choose to tromp around in.

  4. I wear crocs inside my house. I also wore them once by accident to the doctor because I went straight from the bus stop. I’m going to choose letter E, final answer.

  5. All of the above.

  6. I’m new around here…but I’ll take ‘E’!

  7. Oh, Ohhhh! (Raises hand)

    You are the coolest! I choose E. (Got some for my son and its all he wants to wear. Seriously! He’d prefer to go anywhere naked while only wearing pair of Crocks!

  8. I have knee problems (hey, lose some weight, stupid!) and I keep hearing that Crocs are the way to go, but I just can’t make myself do it.

    My MIL loves to tell the story of how they were in Sears when her oldest (now pushing 50, about 4 at the time) had to go, saw a potty… and took a dump in one of the display toilets.

    They hightailed it out of there and didn’t go back for three years.

  9. B&E of course (not Breaking & Entering). You’re cool, even if you are a dork. Being UCF Crocs redeems you, slightly.

  10. B.
    but i still love you.
    you are still awesome. even if you wear crocs

  11. E! I don’t even own a pair of crocs but hearing people talk about how comfy they are makes me wonder maybe…….

  12. Dude, you saw. My whole family wears crocs. Not kicking UCF crocs, but still.

    Wait. I guess that makes you a dork. Sorry.

  13. My answer is totally E!!!

  14. Too late. I was all OVER that pirate ship today. And your feet and their happiness matter to me. Seriously. So don’t get those f*cking Crocs caught in an escalator.

  15. B and E. Because seriously, as the Facebook group says, “I don’t care how comfortable they are you still look like a dumbass.”

  16. I bought crocs then, I felt bad. They were pink. They made me feel stupid. I gave them away. They were comfortable. You are a dork. Its OK. and. EWWWWWWW!

  17. I’m thinking E with a little bit of B tossed in.

  18. B and that’s exactly why I love you.

  19. Stephanie says:

    EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW- a peed on pirate ship!!! haha!!

    I have those same crocs only mine say Red Sox on them and my husband HATES them… but I think they will suit me wondefully over these last two months of pregnancy as my feet swell up and I begin to truly hate my body…
    Do they go well with business casual?

  20. Mom at Work says:

    They are no gameCrocs, the official croc of the University of South Carolina. Black with red strap emblazoned with a gamecock, of course.

  21. Wait, you wear shoes?

  22. I have never had a pair of crocs, but the ones i know who do, ALL say they are comfy, i may have to break down and try a pair, even though i don`t think they are all that great looking, but that could change too.

  23. Frank Sucks says:

    Dork.. Sorry dear, but Dork.

    Now if they were SU Crocks, or Widener, or Columbia…

    But RSS feeds are cool…

  24. Did Gabe demand to know “What do you have on your motherfucking feet?” Because if he didn’t ask that question, your shoes aren’t all that outrageous.

    If I didn’t quote Gabe correctly, feel free to edit.

  25. UFC..I didn’t know what that meant at first so I guess I’m the dork.

    I own croc thongs aka flip flops aka sandles and they are the most confortable thing I’ve ever had on my feet.

    I WANT real crocs..mainly because people hate them so much

  26. At first I thought it said UFC, instead of UCF, and I wondered why in the world you bought shoes to support mixed martial arts/cage fighting.

  27. You know, I’ve yet to cave to the Crocs-mystique, BUT once learned about this:

    I’m ordering some! You enjoy ’em, Girl!

  28. David Chanel says:

    I am so bored at work and going through all of your old blogs…today is May 24th and I am on April 17th but I had to comment on this one.
    UCF Crocs !!!
    Are you kidding…Dork alert !!
    That’s why Claudia peed, it was the dork alarm going off.
    Luv Ya!

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