Where Have You Been Lima?

Where have I been? I’m still in Florida. Why have I forsaken you guys?

Well, I’ve been doing some of this:

Then I dressed like this:










Because they were doing this:

wedding lori matt










Which led to this sort of after party nonsense:


punch the bride










And we’ve also been doing stuff like fishing:















And spending time with Grandma:













Today we begin our journey back north.

If you hear any screaming from I-95 don’t panic. It is probably just us.

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  1. Your hair looks awesome!!

    Wave to St. Pete for me.

  2. Swimming, wedding, party, Grandma AND fishing?! It doesn’t get much better than that. Last time we had such an opportunity, Hurricane Charlie came sweeping through. Yeah. We’re lucky like that.

  3. Stephanie says:

    Looks like some good days… I was wondering where you were…

    What a beautiful color on those dresses…


  4. You back yet? Wanna join us for happy hour tonight?

  5. That really looks like fun..those blue dresses are pretty!!

  6. DUDE! Don’t you know that the gators in Fla eat little boys who fish in the lakes? Or was that the goal???

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