Little Miss Dark Vader

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Never underestimate the power of the dark side.


Why can’t I convince my children that it is “Darth” and not “Dark” Vader?

These are same kids that insist the guys from Zoboomafoo are “The Crap Brothers”.

Yeah it is still funny.

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  1. Better Dark Vader than “Garth” Vader.

  2. and they all ride in the melfusian falcon…the blasphemy never ends….

  3. I only have but one word to offer you:

  4. If you want an explaination of that one word answer, ask Sarah.

  5. They are the Crap Brothers.
    But the one is cute.

    Sarah, I think you would do well to remember that there is always a Master and an apprentice……..sooooo, really, can Ian REALLY be that sweet?

  6. When I was little I always thought it was Dark Vader too. When you are that age I figure you are thinking what the heck is a Darth?

  7. Stephanie says:

    Dark Vadar makes sense to me too!! He’s after all… a dark and scary dude… besides.. what the heck is a Darth???

  8. She’s gone to the “Dark Side.”

  9. Mom at Work says:

    Little guy also calls him “Dark Vader.” In fact, he gets really indignant that anyone would call him “Darth Vader” because that’s so clearly wrong. At this point, I call him Dark Vader, too.

  10. I am 37 and still like to call him “Dark Vader”

  11. And my son insists it is “Wuke Skywalk.”

  12. ok god, my dad bought Will that darth vader talking mask for his 3rd birthday. It took me another 3 years to forgive him for it (though we did get a rockin’ halloween costume out of it).

  13. Does she walk around telling Luke she’s his father or his mother?

    Because that is the important question, right?

  14. we have that same Darth head!
    haha. josh knows it’s darth…but he still insists that it’s a “light saver”

  15. I have one that still likes watching “The Dark Crisco” and she’s heading for 30.

  16. Shorty called him Dark Vader too. He just recently stopped calling it a “life saver”.
    BTW – you should tell the people your staying with to clean their kitchen!

  17. We’re another house that says “Dark Vader” and “light saver”. It’s just too cute to correct them.

    I love the contrast of the mask and the pretty, girly dress in this picture.

  18. That is quite simply awesome.

    When she left DC, she was but a learner. Now SHE is the master.

  19. Who cares what she calls long as it’s not a Jar Jar Binks head..all is good

  20. Just be grateful you don’t have a child so balls-deep into Star Wars that the know minor charectors names and birth places. Also, that one Crap Brother is sooo cute :)

  21. My son does the same thing with both Dark Vader and the Crap brothers. I may have accidentally encouraged the crap brothers with my hysterical laughter each time he said it and asking him “what did you say?” a thousand times just to hear him repeat it. I guess having 4 kids did not make me mature.

  22. My 3 year old thinks they are the crap brothers too! and I just can’t convince her otherwise. She also calls her sweatshirt her fetshirt and if I tell her to get her sweatshirt on she acts as if I am speaking another language!

  23. In our house “Dark” Vader is a black plastic beetle.

    It’s interesting to me, because she’s never seen Star Wars or anything to do with it.

    No Crap brothers, but has asked for “Crap” macaroni and cheese.

    One of these days, she’s gonna actually read the box and my fun will be over.

  24. I thought it was “Dark” for years. Star Wars illiteracy can be quite crippling for a kid growing up in the US, though, so you better get on that!

  25. Yep. The Zooboomafoo brothers had me wondering for a while there too.

    I have one child who is convinced the color of bananas is “Lellow, which begins with an L, not a Y, Mama.”

  26. because it IS dark vader.

    dude. those kids are smart.

  27. Mom at Work says:

    I took a walk with the little guy last night. While he knows his name is “Luke,” he thinks it would be better if he were “Blue Skywalker.”

  28. Just wait until Ian sees Space Balls. Life as you know it will change and Claudia will have met her match.

  29. Cracking up… and coveting your oven.

  30. At our house it was darf–you know, rhymes with barf.

  31. WHERE DID YOU GET THAT? I need one. For um… TD. Not me. OK fine, for me.

  32. You won’t be surprised to read this, but Declan calls him “Dark Vader” too.

    When should we start laying ground for the commune?

  33. The Crap brothers made me laugh. My kids have a Madeline movie where one of the characters is Sugar Dimples, a Shirley Temple copy. My daughter insisted for weeks that the girl in the movie was named Sugar NIPPLES. She would argue with me about it, it was hysterical.

  34. OMG, Bella said “Crap Brothers,” too! I think Darth Vader was “Dark Laser,” and I do remember that R2D2 was “Robot Tootie.”

    Man, they grow up too fast.

  35. I’m sorry–make that ROOBOT Tootie.

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