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Have at it.

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  1. “Ian,, I think you’re right. We could climb up and eat the ears.”

  2. Your ears would stand straight up too, wouldn’t they?!

  3. “If the easter bunny sits on the candy eggs, do little chocolate bunnies hatch?”

  4. “Um, ‘scuse me? You just sat on my toes. And you’re kinda heavy. Can I have my foot back?”

  5. Stephanie says:

    I can’t see the photo :( so I am just going to caption it … little red x box.

  6. “Ian, wake up, there’s no Rabbit here.”

    “Claudia, yeah there is- come on, Harvey TELL HER YOU”RE REAL”

    “You totally lie. I’m telling mom”

  7. JamesMommy says:

    “Ok, we finished the tail. Ready for the ears, Ian?”

  8. “That’s a big ass bunny, ain’t it?”

  9. You can call me, 'Sir' says:

    Ha! MP said ‘ass bunny’.

  10. Hey, I thought Jackelopes had antlers!

  11. Hey, look! Big round balls of chocolate!

  12. All of my potential captions are dirty or involve some defilement of “Pat the Bunny” and I just can’t bring myself to hit the submit comment button after typing them.

  13. One Word.

  14. “Look, kids, I’ve pooped bigger than you. Now GET OFF MY ASS!”

  15. Nicole M. says:

    I wonder if he’ll make a sound when we take a big bite out of his ass!

    FYI – bunnies squeal like little pigs when bitten in the ass. Ask my dog – she knows!

  16. Peter Rabbit hoped that the little girl was putting on the long rubber glove to wash the dishes. He was sorely mistaken.

  17. I’m with Lumpyheadsmom, my “initial reaction” caption is filthy. FUNNY, mind you, but not appropriate for a picture that involves children.

  18. Aprylsantics says:

    Looks like this bunny has been drinking milk with rbgh (recombinant bunny growth hormone).

  19. “This Bunny has a butt as big as Mommy’s”

  20. ok, the tail was great. now how do we get up to eat the ears?

  21. “Bring out the gimps.”

  22. I’m not having near as much fun as the last bunny I saw standing here, are you?

    I have no morals

  23. I told you the pouch was on the other side…

    (It took me a while to think of a clean one…)

  24. One Pill Makes You Larger…

  25. no, I WANT to shove it in!

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