Randomness Part 111

It’s a good thing I didn’t go ahead with that Sk*rt tattoo.

A friend of mine from way way back (no kidding, we were in Girl Scouts together) and her husband are working on adopting two children. They are adopting internationally and it is very expensive. To raise some extra money they have published a cookbook and it is only $12.50! You can get one here. I bought one and I’ll be giving one away as soon as the two I ordered get here. Go help them out. It is for a good cause. They will be amazing parents.

I didn’t even realize there WAS a father of LSD. R.I.P.

Listen, I like Jimi Hendrix as much as the next music fan. In no way am I interested in watching him do two chicks at one time.

DC gets a bowl game!

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  1. If your friends would add some ads to their blog, I’d click.

    I actually heard about Hofmann for the first time last week when I watched this random show on the History Channel on the history of psychedelics. Show wasn’t that great (would randomly jump back and forth between the 40’s and 60’s), but had some interesting info.

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