I Thought I Felt My House Shaking

I thought it was a sonic boom. I thought maybe a Space Shuttle was landing.

Then I remembered I don’t live in Florida anymore.

All I know it that my whole house shook for about 10 seconds.  10 seconds is only a long time if your house is vibrating.

As it turns out I’m not crazy. We had an earthquake right here in the DC suburbs.

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  1. Everyone is shaking but us on the other coast.

    Makes me a little nervous for when we do start shaking…

  2. Isn’t it freaky!! Imagine waking up to a 5.3 quake at midnight!! We have had several larger scale quakes/tremors over the past few weeks in Indiana (where I am) – totaling over 25 quakes!

  3. The morning that I landed in Nashville a few weeks ago for my best friend’s baby shower, there was an earthquake. She didn’t feel it, but I did say something how I thought it was ironic that it happened the day I arrived from the D.C. area, as it seemed ripe for the apocalypse. Evidently I was right.

  4. Wacky! It’s crazy to think that sometimes there are earthquakes in the Denver area, although I haven’t experienced one since we moved here in ’99. I think the proper response is to run out into the yard in your underwear and shout obscenities.

    Greetings from another Sarah, by the way!

  5. Holy shit! That’s awesome/crazy/scary!

  6. Ack! Ack! Ack! My greatest fear! The first time I went to SF I didn’t sleep the entire week.

    Glad you’re okay.

  7. Dude, I totally missed it. Apparently you don’t feel 1.8 magnitude earthquakes in a 10 story office building.

    However, I do remember the one from 2003 that was mentioned in the article, and another one from a year before that. Both times I happened to be napping in the middle of the afternoon (a common pastime back then) and woke up to feel the bed shaking. Very surreal.

  8. What you felt was change. Obama is shaking up Washington.

    Wouldn’t that be funny if they used something like that?

    I’m in L.A., I can make earthquake jokes.

  9. Wow – that is nuts. Yeah, sitting on the 11th floor in Arlington I guess you are oblivious.

  10. Dang, Sarah, you’re kidding! My mama is still up yer way (I’m way down south in Richmond now…). I am betting my mom didn’t even roll over. Amazing, since she always managed to be wide awake when I thought I was sneaking in on little cat feet post-curfew….

    Loved your showerus interruptus post BTW…so been there. The breezes are now just a facet of my bodily cleansing experiences.

  11. The quake that hit outside of Evansville a while back woke me up as it shook my bed. I was about 350 miles from the quake.

  12. OOOOHHH! I’m so jealous. I totally missed it.

    Oh, and the confirmation of an actual earthquake doesn’t really clear you on the “crazy” front. I’m still not convinced.

  13. Dude – glad you are okay and I think Whit is right about Obama.

    Oh and the planet obviously thinks you are totally bangable.

  14. We had one a few weeks ago too. I slept through it though.

  15. Thats the fun part of having lived in FLA.
    You get the sonic boom point of reference.

  16. Thats really more like an earthfart isn’t it? Vs an earthquake!?

  17. I thought it was thunder. I’m ducking now.

  18. Wow, that must have been a scary 10 seconds! Glad you’re okay.

  19. That’s pretty creepy! We just had an earthquake here in Indiana (well the WHOLE midwest, but it sounds scarier/cooler if I just say Indiana).

    Glad you survived!

  20. What is up with the Earth and their tectonic plates shaking in places they AREN’T SUPPOSED TO? We had one in IL and aftershocks that were just as big as the original.


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