Four years ago today – right about this time of day I was getting a mag wash.

I was 34 1/2 weeks pregnant and I had been in the hospital for over five weeks.

Up until that point the doctors and nurses had been able to stop my contractions with terbutaline and Procardia. The magnesium sulfate IV is supposed to stop labor cold.

It didn’t work for me.

Four years ago today, right about now, my normally calm doctor opened my hospital room door and yelled down the hall “CANCEL MY 9:00! WE’RE GOING IN RIGHT NOW!”

And so after 37 days on hospital bed rest I ended up having an emergency c-section anyway.

They were tiny. Well, Ian weighed 6 pound 8 ounces. Claudia was tiny. She didn’t even weigh five pounds. I was scared to change her diaper. I was afraid she would break.

They spent a week in the NICU and at the beginning Ian didn’t even know how to eat. We had to feed him througha tube in his nose.

And now they look like this.

And they know how to play Super Mario Brothers and they can run and write their names and they have opinions on what they want to wear and what restaurant we should go to for their birthday dinner.

Happy Birthday Ian and Claudia. I cannot even imagine my life without you guys. I don’t even want to.

It is hard to believe you guys are four.

And Ian, that means it is time to poop in the potty. EVERY. TIME.


Four years ago today I got a blood transfusion. Some wonderful donor saved my life. Please give blood.

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  1. awwww, Happy Birthday to your babies. Cause they are ALWAYS our babies. Even when they are bigger than us and could literally kick our arses.

  2. Four! Really?!

    Happy Birthday Ian and Claudia!

  3. Happy Birthday Ian and Claudia….it’s hard to believe that they are four though.

  4. Where do you get Misfits onesies? Your kids were/are so freaking cute. I am hoping to make it without bedrest, I am 28 weeks now and my cervix is still shut. With my luck each kid will be 7 pounds and I won’t be able to walk…

  5. Teary eyed here, and I usually don’t expect to feel that way when I read your blog. Where’s my daily laughter, dammit?

    Mine will be 3 in 3 weeks. Where does the time go?

    Happy Birthday Claudia and Ian.

  6. What a charming tableau. That’s what it’s called right a tableau? tableaux?

    Cute kids. Then and now. Happy Birthdays

  7. Your children are so adorable! Isn’t amazing how fast they grow into little people?

  8. What cuties! Happy belated birthdays!

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