Randomness Part 112

Dave Mustaine has his own line of coffee. It makes me jittery just thinking about it. I’ve never tasted it, but my guess is – bitter. (Thanks Frank Sucks, sorry I forgot at first.)

I think I am addicted to Tootsie Rolls.

A whole blog dedicated to things that are younger than John McCain. (Thanks MAW) My favorite example? The religion Scientology is younger than John McCain.

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  1. When I went to summer camp, the rule was that anyone who gave you a tootsie roll you had to kiss. I kissed a lot of inappropriate boys that summer.

    I also put on about five pounds in two months.

  2. Wait, Molly got tootsie rolls and action at summer camp? That just doesn’t seem fair.

  3. Maybe bitter. I’m thinking it has a distinct metallic taste.

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE tootsie rollw..but even better are tootsie roll pops.. the chocolate ones.

  5. When on vacation in Nashville a few years ago, we were eating in some local BBQ place and who should walk in? Dave Mustaine! He sat at the table next to us. It took me a minute to place him (I didn’t picture him being in NASHVILLE so it threw me off), but once I did I smiled at him and gave him “the nod” before we both settled back into our meals.

  6. I love tootsie rolls too.

  7. Mom at Work says:

    Tootsie rolls may be the one food that is actually older than John McCain!

  8. things that are younger than john mccain. thanks for this. it’s totally made my day 😉

  9. I craved tootsie rolls when I was pregnant. Luckily, my obstetrician’s office’s vending machine had them.

  10. THANK YOU for the link to the coffee! Now I have an idea to suggest to the kids for a father’s day present for my husband. You may think I am kidding, but I am not.

    I think tootsie rolls are gross. I always throw them away. Maybe next time I can send them to you?

  11. Scientology is younger than McCain? I didn’t know that. Wait… (Lets brain think about that.) Yeah, that makes sense.

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