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  1. 1) Toodee from YGG.
    2) Tears for Fears cassette
    3) Seattle
    4) Lasagna. You can have it tomorrow too!

  2. 1. No idea b/c I don’t watch children’s shows- yet
    2. Money in the airport in Vegas (enough to make me not gamble the rest of the trip AND have a blast for a week)
    3. Portland, OR
    4. Tacos!!!! (send some my way too please)

  3. 1. I couldn’t think of anyone else last night, but Dan said he wants to make out with the woman from Jack’s Big Music Show.
    2. An IPod (we gave it to my nephew for graduation; I already had one and my husband didn’t want it.)
    3. Amsterdam
    4. Some rockin’ sandwiches, like grilled cheese with bacon, and tomato soup.

  4. 1. The bald guy from The Upside Down Show. Unless I can say Elijah Wood because he was once on Yo Gabba Gabbe.
    2. A stroller and diaper bag and gift certificate from Plain Jane Mom. Not only the best thing I’ve ever won but just about the only thing I’ve ever won.
    3. Disney World Japan.
    4. Swedish meatballs.

  5. 1. Totally Anthony from the Wiggles. A few years back though. He was Cleo bachelor of the year in Australia you know!

    2. Easy! Yesterday beating my teen daughter on the Wii Fit. I won, she lost. I gloated, she sulked. Prize wise I never win anything… sob for me.

    3. Showing my age here, that song ‘I’ve been to paradise, but I have never been to me’ popped into my head straight away. But it would have to be the US to meet some of my blogging lovelies.

    4. Chicken and avocado wraps with sweet chilli sauce and salad. That is what we had.

  6. 1. Dee Dee Doodle
    2. Never won anything worth anything, just cheap plastic crap
    3. Prague
    4. Pancakes

  7. 1)Joe from Blue’s Clues, totally!
    2)I never win stuff.
    3)Just one place? Europe.
    4)Mac and cheese for the kids and wine for you.

  8. 1. Johnny, from Johnny and the Sprites. He’s pretty cute.
    2. I once won a 6 month gym membership, but I was only 14 at the time so I didn’t even really need it.
    3. Ireland — ahh, the emerald isle.
    4. takeout

  9. Mom at Work says:

    1. Cookie Monster (I think he’d have chocolate chip breath). Him or Fred of Scooby Doo, if only to rip off his stupid ascot.
    2. A Big Bertha women’s driver at the Washington Golf Tent Sale.
    3. Thailand
    4. Grilled Porkchops and couscous. Put raisins and onions in the couscous, maybe some grape tomatoes.

  10. 1- That question is just wrong (And I don’t have an answer either.
    2- A 2-week trip to the UK.
    3- France- Paris, specifically.
    4- I just posted an easy and yummy recipe for white chili. Try that! Unless it is 100 degrees there like it is here, then you’ll probably want popsicles!

  11. 1. Either Blue’s Clues Steve or Greg Wiggle (Greg was the only way I could survive those two or three years of Wiggles)

    2. I’d have to think about this one because I just know I’ve won something cooler than movie tickets or a flash drive.

    3. New Zealand

    4. Old fashioned home made lasagna (it’s not time consuming really. well, ok, with two kidlets it is, I know, but you can do it. Plus? It will be deelish!!)

  12. 1. That question is all kinds of wrong. I’m mentally running through the shows my daughter watches and can’t think of a single one. MAYBE Spencer from iCarly. But…still!
    2. I have never won anything. Go ahead and cry for me a little.
    3. Japan
    4. Cottage cheese pancakes. Are you gagging? Everyone gags when I talk about them! They are SUPER good!

  13. 1. Hello? Steve Burns!!!!
    2. Tickets to see .38 Special in concert (and wound up in the front row, w00t!)
    3. Can I get away with saying “Europe”?
    4. Pinto beans, cornbread, coleslaw, and cucumber/onion salad.

  14. 1. This is a tie between Anthony Wiggle and Captain Feathersword…

    2. um…i’m a loser not a winner

    3. Australia

    4. Well i’m making teriyaki chicken, roasted potatos and honey garlic noodles ….

  15. I love this first one!
    1. Johnny from the Sprites, Anthony from the Wiggles, the bald guy on Upside Down show or maybe even the guy from LazyTown..he’s got some major muscles..haha, not that I’ve thought of this before or anything :/
    2. Nothing I don’t ever win ANYTHING.
    3. Spain
    4. Blackened Fish. Sounds yummy.

  16. Sorry, I just have to correct myself…it’s Greg not Anthony…why is that always so confusing??

  17. 1) Steve from Blues Clues or probably the bald guy from the Upside Down Show.

    2)Roller skating party when I was like 13. I didn’t even enter, my sister entered me.


    4)6 Can Soup – can of chicken, can of corn, can of beans, can of diced tomatoes and a can of chicken broth.

  18. 1 – Dave from Alvin and the Chipmunks (the old cartoon; not the new movie). He’s single, a great dad, and a musician *swoon*

    2 – Used to win concert tickets all the time off the radio pre-kid. Best ones were perhaps for the Fleetwood Mac reunion tour in the late 90’s.

    3 – Basically, everywhere I haven’t been. I want to see it all! Top ones though are Egypt, South Africa, Italy, India

    4 – Reservations. Or come to my house; risotto with roasted asparagus.

    I want to hear more about JS’ cottage cheese pancakes!!

  19. 1. Johnny from Johnny and the Sprites. Or maybe his friend Gwen.

    2. The Wine Pool. I also “won” a Tequila Side Bet once, which might have been the worst thing I ever won. I hope this year’s Champagne Side Bet goes better.

    3. Dubai

    4. Meatloaf

  20. 1. The man in the Yellow Hat from Curious George. It’s the only kids show my daughter watches on a regular basis so I know no other characters, yet!

    2. A shiny new pair of Ryka walking shoes.

    3. Anywhere a cruise ship can take me that’s a warm, sunny beach.

    4. Stuffed Green Peppers. Simple, filling, easy to clean up.

  21. 1. The conductor from Choo Choo Soul.
    2. Basil and I won an insulated wine carrier the other night at our friends’ country club.
    3. Portugal. Or New Zealand.
    4. Chicken, ham and cheese rollups from Everday Food. SUPER easy, fast, kid-friendly and delish. We don’t make the peas/couscous with it, but I’m sure that would be good too.

  22. 1. Steve from Blue’s Clues. And no, I didn’t even hesitate. I love me some nerd!
    2. Well, there was that time I won America’s Next Top Model. Unless that was a dream, in which case it was $2 off a scratch-off. Yeah, that’s more likely.
    3. Europe, especially France.
    4. Special homemade pizza, straight out of the Domino’s box. That’s my kind of home cooking.

  23. 1. Bugs Bunny–smart, cute, creative (you didn’t say not interspecies)

    2. nothin’, not a damn thing!

    3. Lake Louise

    4. when in doubt….TACOS!

  24. 1) I have no idea of their names, but one of those really hot chicks from the Spanish language channel kid shows.

    2) A cable-knit purse compliments of NABLOPOMO

    3) The quintessential American small town; complete with town square, drug store/soda fountain and Bijou Theater. Basically Bedford Falls.

    4) Breaded Turkey cutlets

  25. 1) If you had to make out with someone from a children’s television show who would you pick?
    CHASE (SEAN FLYNN) from Zoey 101 (he’s 18 in real life..roar)

    2) What is the best thing you have ever won?
    $1600 slot machine jackpot

    3) Name a place that you have never been that you would like to visit?

    4) What should I make for dinner?
    I like the taco’s idea…set up a little help your self buffet

  26. 1) I was going to say Joe from Blue’s Clues, but I have to agree with some of the others; the bald guy from the Upside Down Show is oddly hot.

    2) Um…I think I won a goldfish at a carnival once.

    3) Japan.

    4) Chicken and Cornmeal Dumplings. But use all thighs instead of a cut-up chicken.

  27. 1) Chris Kratt from Zooboomafoo – hands down.

    2) Dummy’s heart.

    3) Great Britain… all of it. Ireland, Scottland, Wales and England

    4) Eat out. I would… and just might.

  28. 1) Oscar the Grouch. He’s hot.

    2) I’ve never won anything.

    3) Paris.

    4) You could make this. I’m probably making stir-fried chicken, with broccoli and garlic. Maybe rice pilaf if tyrant will accept.

  29. 1. Shaun from Hi-5. My kids watch it every day, and I watch him.

    2.An Amazon gift card.

    3. Paris.

    4. Hamburgers. Unless you don’t want to–some of the other suggestions sound good.

  30. Don’t you guys get major gay-dar from Johnny of the Sprites?

    I like both of the Upside Down Show guys, Joe & Steve from Blue’s Clues and both of the Kratt brothers. Yes, my faves do come in twos. This is make out fantasy, so why not?

    OK, too weirded out by myself to finish the question….

  31. I am so glad I’m not the only one who thinks Steve from Blue’s Clues is make-out-worthy.

    As usual, I have an answer to only one question…

  32. Kristin says:

    1. Too tired to have sex with my husband, let alone someone else unless it’s like Brad Pitt (and I’m even sick of him).
    2. my husband won a trip to NYC once and he took me. does that count?
    3. Thailand
    4. order take-out…it’s friday!

  33. 1. I don’t know, because I don’t see much children’s tv.

    2. I don’t remember winning much of anything. Ever.

    3. Hawaii

    4. Tacos, but I think it’s because that’s what I would like to eat.

  34. 1. I was thinking of one of the Zooboomafoo brothers, but I can’t keep them straight.

    2. I won a DVD player from the adoption agency auction/raffle once. I donated it to the Middle School. I also entered a contest for what I thought was local Symphony tickets. I won a GIANT pumpkin. Too big to fit in the Explorer. Thanks, but no thanks.

    3. The British Isles.

    4. Tigger has been talking about Taco night (tonight) ALL WEEK. They go well with beer.

  35. Oh, man, I’m gonna so bomb this one.

    1) Never watch children’s tv anymore, ’cause all my kids are grown, so I have no idea. Can I just make out with this guy?

    2) Don’t think I’ve ever won anything.

    3) Yay, I can answer one: Japan.

    4) Rarely cook, so am not much help. Pretty much everything I eat comes out of the freezer. For instance, tonight I’m having Birds Eye vegetables in sesame ginger sauce and then following that up with Pillsbury buttermilk pancakes.

  36. 1) Bald guy from Upside Down Show, or Anthony from Wiggles.

    2) I’ve only won one thing a book about raising boys.

    3) Japan.

    4) Strawberry spinach salad and quiche.

  37. 1. I’m another one in for that cute little host on Blue’s Clues, Steve!
    2. An I-pod. It was awesome at first, but now I’m bored with it.
    3. An African Safari
    4. Nothing! Order a pizza and call it good!


  38. Celex's Mom says:

    1. hmmmm maybe one of the dragons on dragon-tales?
    2. 3 month membership to the sportsplex with 3 pools!
    3. Kauai
    4. Fresh straweberries and home-made whipped cream

  39. Chasinash says:

    (1) After seeing this , I’d have to say the Count.

    (2) I won something last night!!! I’m so psyched!!! I won this – a night at Great Wolf Lodge for the fam.

    (3) So many. Maccu Piccu, Galapagos Islands, Barcelona, Turkey, South Africa, Tanzania, Argentina, Brazil, the Kimberlys in Australia, the Great Wall in China, Provence in France … um, I guess I should stop now.

    (4) I made a yummy pizza. It has baby spinach, sundried tomatos, feta cheese, and bacon on it. The crust is a la Pillsbury. So, 15 minutes to assemble and cook. Yay, Friday.

  40. 1. Anthony from The Wiggles. Underneath that harmless looking t-shirt is a man who doesn’t mind working up a good sweat and knows exactly the right way to talk dirty.
    2. A karaoke machine when I was 23, single and broke. I promptly returned it for cash and paid the electric bill.
    3. The future: five years from now, just to check in and make sure I’m on the right track.
    4. Well, it’s too late for dinner, so let me weigh in on breakfast: Mcdonald’s drive-thru in your PJ’s.

  41. Okay, I just went back and read all the comments. Yeah, Johnny from Johnny & the Sprites is a total queen. My husband makes us watch it sometimes because Stephen Schwarz wrote the title song.

  42. 1. DeeDee Doodle from the Doodlebops
    2. A Disney Cruise to the Bahamas
    3. Greece
    4. Chicken Kiev

  43. 1. The Kratt Brothers on Zaboomafoo. Yes, I know it’s double dipping.
    2. A Rod Stewart album. It was the ’80s.
    3. Greece
    4. Anything’s better than a bag of Red Hots. Which was MY dinner.

  44. I have to say first that Johnny from Johnny and the Sprites is very out of the closet. As is the actor who plays Moe on the Doodlebops.

    1. I’d make out with Steve from Blue’s Clues. I thought he was annoying at first, but he does grow on you.

    2. Round trip tickets anywhere in the continental US on US Airways (at a Caps game). Though technically J won that. I guess my best win would be the team-signed Caps jersey I won this year.

    3. Ooh, so many places. Right now I’d say Hawaii cause I’m craving the beach.

    4. Last nite for dinner I had a goat cheese and honey sandwich on cinnamon raisin bread. (Weight watchers friendly). It was so good I’m having it for breakfast today too.

  45. 1) Genevieve from Choo Choo Soul.
    2) I won the annual Turkey Trot obstacle course in my school when I was in the 6th grade. I won a solid chocolate turkey.
    3) Italy
    4) Whatever it is, make enough for me too.

  46. 1. Karla from Hi-5.
    2. A TiVo with a lifetime subscription. And my life was forever changed.
    3. California (yes, I’ve led a very sheltered life).
    4. Tacos.

  47. 1. The Blue Wiggles guy. Anthony, I think?
    2. I never win anything. One time I screamed for a Coke and I was pretty thirsty. That was nice.
    3. Europe – specifically England and Italyand France.
    4. Mac & Cheese

  48. 1. Batman

    2. During my first year of marriage The Huz was deployed, I went to the military base at like 3AM to do some holiday shopping (it was open 24 hours, we didn’t have kids yet, so there I was.) I won a gift basket of all kinds of bath oils, soaps and chocolates.

    3. Fiji

    4. Reservations.

  49. 1. Anthony from the Wiggles. Especially with his short haircut.
    2. I think I have won a few iPods through various means.
    3. Tokyo
    4. I think I am too late to be helpful with last Friday’s dinner.

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