Am I Going Insane?

Can somebody please explain to me how iTunes can skip?

Is there a tiny needle somewhere in my computer? In the iPod?

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  1. First, yes, you are going insane.

    Second, have you tried putting a penny on top of your ipod?

  2. We had that same problem with a song we downloaded… I consider it a ghost in the machine…

    FRIDAY YET??? 3-day w/end DESPERATELY needed here

  3. I have a song that does that!!!! I thought I was crazy, but so crazy I didn’t want to ask anyone about it. Sorry it happened to you too!

  4. Sometimes if I copy an Mp3 on to a cd and play the cd in the car it sounds like tiny rocks are hitting the windshield of my car. I always forget about this and think there are tiny rocks hitting the windshield of my car.

  5. Dude! I love that this happened to you. Well it sucks for you, but it means I’m not totally insane. My iPod does that every now and then so I thought for sure that the CD I copied into my iTunes must have been scratched, but when I go listen to it in iTunes, it plays fine. Also, the few songs that do skip on the iPod don’t ALWAYS skip. They just do it at random. It’s out to get me.

  6. I’ve experienced that too. I’ve purchased songs that have “skips” in them. I haven’t done anything about it, but I wonder if there is a way to get a refund?

  7. Clearly, the little hamster on the wheel inside had a hiccup.

  8. What’s an iTune?

  9. It could be caused by buffer underflow, causing no data into the de-compressor, resulting in silence.

    The ‘rocks on the windshield’ could be incompatibility between two different compression systems.

    Sent from the quarterly plenary of the CEA R4 Television Committee.

  10. The penny comment is interesting… what’s behind that? Hmmm.

    Didn’t know songs could skip without a needle either! Go figure.

  11. penny comment cracked me up and made me sad at the same time – because pretty soon the majority of people won’t get that.

    my ipod skips. when an ipod does it, it’s irritating
    …you tend to worry more about that technology going wrong – more complicated than replacing a needle.

  12. It seems entirely possible to skip, both for the reasons listed above, and the fact that many models are using a hard drive to store the music. If it is having trouble tracking, then you could get a skip if the buffer gets to the last bit of data that had been read correctly. It is also possible to be getting bad sectors on the drive.

    I just got my iPod from Amazon yesterday, so I’ll be listening for this!

    BTW, I’ve never seen Porcupine Tree or Saga listed on a website other than mine!

  13. itunes sucks

  14. I was thinking of putting a penny on it too! But then your ipod would get hot and warp a little causing the penny to fall off and scratch it… This means that I. am. old.

  15. Had the same problem here too, except not skipping on my iPod (because I have yet to carve out 15 minutes in 2 years to actually download the songs TO my iPod), but ships in the iTunes Library on the computer where I listen to the song.

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