Looks Like You Blew a Seal*

Yesterday I was standing in the checkout lane at the grocery store. I was browsing the magazines on display.

June 2008 cover of marie claire Heidi Klum

I did a double take. Heidi Klum wants me to do what?


Heidi Klum wants me to have sex in an igloo.

I think Heidi Klum is beautiful and great and I love “Project Runway”. However:

1) Personally I don’t see how it is any of her business.

2) How would I even find an igloo?

3) Now I will never be able to shake the image of Heidi Klum and Seal doing it in an igloo.

4) What the hell? How is that a magazine article? Note to self: Marie Claire is most likely a stupid magazine.

And I apologize for the blurry picture. I took it with my phone. As usual, I feel certain that the person behind me in the line thinks I am a lunatic.


* The punchline from my favorite joke. Also hilarious because the mighty Heidi Klum is married to Seal.

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  1. That is pretty hilarious. It makes me want to read the article to see how stupid they can be.
    And it would be funny to see the people behind you as you are taking the photos.

  2. And to think my husband believes my feet are too cold now!

  3. I hear she beats a mean seal, too.

    I think she was talking about Igloo brand ice chests. Much more practical.

  4. i love that joke so much. seriously. SO much.

  5. heidi klum doing it with seal, anywhere *shudders*

  6. Seems tricky, I’ve never seen an Igloo Cooler large enough. I mean no offense if you are the size of one of those little pixie creatures.

  7. Just because she recommends it doesn’t mean she does it herself. This is like me recommending that a friend try to drink a bowl of flaming Bacardi. Just as I might forget to mention that eyebrows might be useful in certain situations, Heidi might have forgotten to mention frostbite and lost tips–and we’re not talking bartender wages here. Hey, while we’re on the subject…one of my favorites is, “Chunks is my dog.”

  8. ok, why even put that on their cover ?? check out my site for a fun giveawawy

  9. oh my. sex in an igloo. I wonder how big the igloo was.

  10. I know where there are igloos!
    Seriously, gah!

  11. OK, I need to hear this joke now.

  12. No, no! Igloos are out, pueblos are in. That Heidi Klum doesn’t know squat.

  13. Holy inappropriately cold sex places, Heidi.

  14. The closest I’ve come (thank you) is in one of those shacks while ice fishing. And that’s a total lie because I’m a virgin and am afraid of worms and salmon eggs.

  15. I hope it’s not too cold in the igloo. It might cause shrinkage. That’s what I hear at least. I don’t like in a cold environment.

  16. You are a comical genius for thinking of that. It’s perfect!

  17. Actually it’s pretty amazing…I’m totally kidding. We have enough problems making sure we can find clean sheets much less finding an igloo.

  18. Sex in an igloo? No way I’m on bottom. My tush isn’t getting frozen.

  19. aww but that is how he proposed to her. Via helicopter and in an igloo he had made – with an ice bed in it covered in rose petals. What?! Your spouse didn’t do this?!

    Shut up- I subscribe to marie claire and hated this issue.

  20. I just read that joke and my keyboard will never be the same.

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