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Ah yes. The six random things meme. Again. But Karen tagged me and you don’t screw around with Karen so here goes.

Six random and weird things about me.

1) Back in the days of cds I used to play something I called “The Game” which involved listening to every one of my cds in alphabetical order.

I had well over 1000 cds.

I did this about once a year.

It took months.

2) I am obsessed with Keens.

3) There are over 200 books on my “to read” list.

4) I wanted to name my child Gruden after the Bucs won the Super Bowl but Gabe said that was crazy.

5) I hate “American Idol” and I won’t watch “Survivor” but I have no problem watching the reality shows about hair salons on Bravo.

6) I take surveys for money. A lot. Seriously. I’ve been doing this one for years. I’ve made hundreds of dollars this way.

That is all.

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  1. I would guess you have OCD tendencies* but having twins has probably beat it out of you.

    Also, I thought I had a lot of books on my to-read list, but wow, you are ambitious!

    *that’s a (not very funny) joke–I can’t diagnose anyone…

  2. I am SO GLAD that I am not the only person who hates (and thus does not watch) American Idol. I was beginning to think that I was the ONLY ONE who had no idea what the big deal with that show was.

  3. I totally do the surveys online too!

    I will watch almost every reality show they put on.

  4. We had a CD game called Archbishop. I believe that it was a means to really take back the control over the faceless forwardness of technological improvements.

    Man, I am really glad we didn’t know META in the 90’s

  5. I am so with you on the “reality” show thing… I HATE HATE HATE A.I. and Survivor but I love the Bravo reality shows… the catiness alone on any ONE of the shows makes it totally worth it.

    Surverys for moolah?? Hook a girl up!!

  6. That surverys for money thing really works? Seriously? I always thought it was a big scam.

  7. I do surveys but my reward $$’s are for prizes and I don’t like the prizes so over $100 in prizes expired. I don’t want airline miles or Omaha steaks.. Oh well. I enjoy the surveys.

    I love TV, I actually paused in order to watch a show on bravo about cutting pet’s hair.

  8. my daughter is named landry after tom landry the 1st head coach of the dallas cowboys. also, my dog is named dallas and he other is miles after a local guy who got drafted to the cowboys. can you tell i don’t have much input on names? so gruden- meh-sounds good to me!

    but seriously…. we are cowboys fans <3

  9. My cousins and I used to “play” Dukes of Hazard, and I was “married” to Bo. And I owned his album. And I loved it. But I was 8, and he was my husband, after all.

  10. I was thinking about why I haven’t read any new posts from you in a while, then I realized you were taken off my reader. What the?

    Amazing how something can just pop into your head and you can obsess about it for days.


  11. I do the online surveys for money too! In fact, my very first ipod was earned from one of the ones that did points instead of money.

  12. Keens rock!

    I wear them at work…. and when I am NOT at work.

  13. Ooooh, surveys for money? I just filled out the one you mentioned – could you share others?? Thanks.

  14. I’m with Mrs. Who. I just joined mysurvey… got anymore?
    As someone with NO income from August until January (at least!) – even online surveys has got to help.

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