Randomness Part 113

You know Percy from Thomas the Tank Engine? Have you ever noticed how much “Percy” sounds like “Pussy” when it comes out of the mouth of a four year old? A lot.

Maybe some day Ian will understand why I laughed so hard when he demanded a shirt pith Percy on it.


My favorite quote of the week was from Claudia “IAN! Stop making that smell!”


This makes me laugh.


Damn. it came out all pixely. (Shut up. It might be a word.) Oh well, you get the point.

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  1. I nearly died the other night when Punkin started cracking up and saying over and over “pussy tooted!”

  2. YES YES YES on the Percy/Pussy thing. We went through that at our house too.. Pussy’s my favorite, Pussy and Thomas are friends. I wanna play with Pussy. Oh yeah!! And we laughed our asses off, when he’s … 16ish we’ll tell him.

  3. LOL! My son would roll his eyes when we’d ask him to repeat what he’d said, lol. Thanks for the giggle!

  4. I never really noticed the Percy/Pussy phenomeon, but now that you pointed it out, I can’t stop giggling.

  5. Thankfully mine are too old for Thomas the Tank Engine, so when we’re watching something and it sounds like pussy, it usually is.

    And fish oil should help increase your log size.

  6. Heh, heh heh. Log size. Heh heh heh.

  7. I don’t know whether for feel sorry for Claudia, because Ian will probably never be able to stop making that smell, or for Ian, because Claudia will probably never let him alone about it.

    At least, that’s how it’d be in my house.

  8. Sam combined pony and horsey to porsey, but the way she says it sounds so wrong and dirty. It makes me laugh everytime. It makes me husband cringe and tell her not to say that. Glad I’m not alone in my immature perverted sense of humor.

  9. Michelle says:

    Oh, I am sooo glad my child isn’t the only one who pronounces it “pussy”

    BTW, did you know Thomas and Pussy are the same size? So sayeth my toddler.

    Also, you could probably take care of increasing your log size with the penile pump I keep getting advertisements about. (Maybe Thomas needs it to keep up with Pussy?!?!)

  10. I too have giggled over Percy. And I still sometimes gasp when Locke says he needs a fork.

  11. Your feed still isn’t working :( I’ll try adding it again though. I was all like “Man, Sarah hasn’t posted lately. She’s spending all her time on the elliptical and doesn’t have time to update anymore. Good for her!!” Then I realized that I just wasn’t getting your feed updates.

  12. Appropriate since Percy actually IS such a pussy. Sorry, I know they’re not real…

  13. My son, who is now 8, also pronounced Percy as described when he was young and very “into” Thomas and Friends. The other one that got us giggling is when he was obsessed with the movie Toy Story. He was obsessed with Woody. He would wear his Woody Halloween costume EVERYWHERE and he always needed to bring one of several Woody figurines (action figures???) with him. So we were always like, “Grab your Woody – we’re leaving.” or “Which Woody do you want? The big Woody or the little Woody or the soft (stuffed) Woody?” (yes, soft Woody is a total oxymoron and that made us laugh even more). So, I totally know what you’re talking about with the Percy/pussy thing.

  14. For awhile, Joles kept saying some mystery word “FOCK-Y! FOCK-Y”

    It was wrong.

  15. It’s that blasted British accetnt they have on the Island of Sodor that makes it all sound so dirty.
    (Or “duhhty.”)

  16. Oh, Percy, how dirty! My 2 year old has just discovered the word funk. Which sounds well, exactly like the f-bomb. We are horrifying strangers left and right!

  17. Your first item reminded me immediately of an old post at One Good Thing. (Hope the HTML works.)

    In my own experience, Acorn said “Ass!” quite enthusiastically in place of “yes” for the longest time. We got some interesting looks from strangers over that one, as the preschooler shouts, “ASS!” in the middle of a crowd, while sounding quite happy.

  18. Your first item reminded me immediately of this:


    In my own experience, Acorn said “Ass!” quite enthusiastically in place of “yes” for the longest time. We got some interesting looks from strangers over that one, as the preschooler shouts, “ASS!” in the middle of a crowd, while sounding quite happy.

    (Resubmitting – I think your spam filter caught my first try, which included a proper link.)

  19. WAAAAAA! Why aren’t you showing up in my feedreader! I wandered over cause I thought you hadn’t posted for a while….

    “increase your log size today” *snort* I am such a five year old boy….

  20. I love spam…. I get a nice giggle every morning when I delete a ton of it. Currently, someone named Janets want to do dirty things to me.

  21. When I was in junior high a family asked me to babysit for them. The mom worked with my mom. I had never met their toddler, but being relatively experienced at babysitting, I wasn’t worried much.

    Got to the house, parents left, little boy is playing on the floor contendly with his matchbox cars. Suddenly he bursts into tears and cries out, “I need a fuck! Where is my fuck?”

    Yeah, would have helped for the parents to tell me “Our son has a problem prounouncing words that begin with the letters ‘t and r'” I figured it out fairly quickly, but still. Of course this became our own family joke about “boys and their fucks.”

    Keep on TRuckin….

  22. I curse the Rev W. Audry for thinking Percy was an appropriate name for that train.

    Increasing your log size makes me giggle.

    I have not had any trouble receiving your feed.

  23. Hey…over from My Second Journal….I like your blog because what I’ve seen so far is funny and concise! I look forward to reading more….

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