Again With the Feed Thing

My traffic has been down lately. WAY down. Like half of normal.

I was starting to think I was boring all of you.grrr

Nope. My rss feed is all messed up again.

Can you all do me a favor?

If you are reading this and came from your reader please let me know which feed reader you use (and if possible the feed address) and if you subscribe to my feed and came here even though my feed isn’t working please let me know which reader you use.


Goon Squad Sarah

ps – I you happen to be some sort of feed prodigy please let me know. I would greatly appreciate any advice you can offer on my dilemma.компютри


pps (pss?, whatever) Try this one:

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  1. Sorry! don’t use ’em. I’m really very technically challenged.

  2. Have your readers use this feeds address:
    That should fix it.
    I just did some trouble shooting because I found that your posts were no longer feeding…

  3. I got it in Google Reader and it works with this

  4. No, that’s not a good feed after all, that feeds comments only. I went to this website:
    and entered your website and it returns that your comments are valid but your original site is not valid. Have you put a security profile on your site? On blogger you can choose whether to allow your blog to feed, do you have that option?

  5. You’re not showing up on my bloglines, so I just click over here and see what you’re doing. What are you doing?

  6. Google reader and it seems to be working fine … no idea of the feed address.sorry

  7. Mom at Work says:

    Reading you in bloglines with this feed:

    BUT your tagline is “just another wordpress weblog.”

  8. Melissa says:

    You are showing up on Bloglines for me, but I had recently (like last week) re-subscribed because you had disappeared.

  9. All seems to be well in Google Reader land. The feed address Google says I’m using is:

  10. Hi- love the blog, and I use google reader.

  11. Another Google reader user saying it seems to be working for me.

  12. I just walk over here the old fashioned way. I have you in my Favorites list and click on it. Do you feel all warm and fuzzy now?

    I WISH I knew enough to help you out. I WISH I knew how to keep track or count feeds or have an RSS link set up. Alas I am internet retarded.

  13. I use Google reader and haven’t had any problems with your feed.

  14. I know I’m totally late to the party, but you’re sittin pretty in my google reader with your feedburner feed. is the direct link to this post from my reader. HTH!

  15. I don’t know anything about feeds. I’ve got you bookmarked and the last 4 days or so it just doesn’t load. It says I’m at the page, but nothing’s there. But it is today!

    p.s. I like the new design

  16. You know I was just about to send you a WTF e-mail. Welcome back.

  17. I don’t use a feeder. I just wonder in and out when I remember.

  18. I use google reader. I saw this post there, but is has been ages since I’ve seen a post from you.

  19. I use Flock for my reader and it seems to be the right feed but 10 new posts just showed up today. Weird.

  20. I clicked over the other day because I realised I hadn’t seen a post from you for months. And I use Google Reader. I resubscribed to your feed which seemed to fix it.

  21. You just now showed up on my Google Reader with ten updates. Looks like I’ve missed some posts. Off to catch up!

  22. Uh What?

  23. Google Reader and the feed is:

    But I think there has been a problem because you just popped up in my reader this afternoon with 10 posts.

  24. I use Google Reader, and I hadn’t had any updates from your blog until today when all of a sudden 11 posts updated to my Google Reader. This is what shows up in my Google Reader for your blog:

  25. Umm, the entire feed thing (I use yahoo) has been giving me zilch for about a week. So I just popped through my favorites & found that the entire SITE was gone! GASP!!! Oh the horror!!! The drama!!! The hair being pulled from Sarah’s head while she rants in frustration!!!


  26. I use Google Reader and you hadn’t been showing up using this feed:

    However, now you are. Yay.

    BTW, the Previous Post / Next Post navigation at the top isn’t working properly. The Previous Post link goes from here to a May 21st post (skipping all the ones in between). I wonder if it’s somehow hard coded and not dynamic?

  27. I amend my comment to say it does from this post, to May 21, to April 28, to Sept of last year! Definitely not working.

    (PS, I hate hate hate blogs that don’t have the previous post / next post thing, or at least a way to easily move between posts, because some of you people most more than once a day, and if I open it outside of my reader, I want to be able to read what’s next. The end.)

  28. Another Google reader here. And as you already know…it’s working fine.

  29. I use google reader too, but I have to say it wasn’t working fine. But all of a sudden, 11 posts showed up, so I hope it is working again.

  30. Got you via bloglines, although it does show an exclamation point next to you.

  31. Dig the new design. My readership is down too but I’m thinkin’ maybe its because I’m just that boring?

  32. Your rss2 feed wasn’t showing up in netvibes for the past few weeks. It is now. I switched to the feedburner feed just now anyway, b/c I know you get better stats that way.

  33. I get you through my Mac Mail RSS and it’s still coming in fine. Or you fixed it because I am way late reading this.

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