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Somebody Call Guinness

I feel confident that I hold the world record for saying “Ian, please put your underpants back on.” more times than anyone else. Ever.

This One Kills Me

This One Kills Me Originally uploaded by Sarah606 This picture exhibites several reasons why I am a terrible mother. 1) I let my son play in a public fountain in his underpants. 2) It cracks me up that it looks like he is peeing. 3) I posted this picture on the internet.

Consider Me Stimulated

I always used to think I was really bad at math until one day I realized that if I just looked at the numbers and pictures them with a dollar sign in front of them addition, subtraction and percentages were no problem. Even though I am the polar opposite of anal retentive (if you’ve ever […]


Claudia keeps yelling “Go Redskins!” Now, while I think that it is great to root for the home team – you know, for other people – my daughter just wasn’t raised like that. What I would like to know is which part of TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS did the girl not understand. *sigh* Oh well, at […]

The One She is Going to Hate Me For

“Mommy!” she yells. “Look at me! I have a tail.” Then she runs by with a pair of underpants shoved in her butt. NOW I’ve seen everything.

Anyone for Tennis?

I know you aren’t supposed to write posts on your blog about your dreams but last night I had a dream that Kevin Spacey wanted me to play doubles tennis with him.

My Mom Was Right

After 35 years of thinking they were disgusting and tasteless I have finally decided that I like water chestnuts. My Mom always said I would like them when I grew up. Does this make me a grown up? Crap. Does this mean I need to get a job?

Traffic Experiment #3 is Underway

Did you hear that Larry Birkhead bought Danielynn some of her mother’s (Anna Nicole Smith) lingerie from an old Playboy shoot? Because every child likes to think about their parents posing naked. Yuck. Speaking of perverts and weirdos I am running my third annual Traffic Experiment Contest and it turns out that my readers haven’t […]

Traffic Experiment #3

In celebration of the reinstatement of SATGS as a safe site on Google I am running the 3rd Annual Traffic Experiment. If you have played along in the past you know that all you have to do is come up with the search term that generates the most traffic in a six week period. Last […]

Why I am Happy Today

This wonderful woman fixed my Google issues. I don’t know how she did it, but she did. You should all be able to hear me loud and clear now. Thanks Sarah. Love, Sarah (PS – Can you guys read me on Firefox 3 too?)

Questions for You: Food

I wish I had something good for you guys today but I don’t. Well, I suppose I could rant about how Ian refuses to get dressed but that seems to be getting old. How about some questions for you instead? Let’s talk about food. 1) Who is your favorite celebrity chef?* 2) What is your […]

Randomess Part 115

Heh. You said Big Brown Trainer. Funny. I don’t recall news stories about the first four severed feet being found on the Canadian coast. After reading Rockabye is anyone else obsessed with walking up hills backwards? Check out this picture I took in my side view mirror yesterday. Crazy, huh?