You may or may not have noticed that Sarah and the Goon Squad was offline most of Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

You can read me now thanks to the brilliance of Karen Rani.

I mean, did you even know a blog could get a virus? I didn’t. I learned the hard way.

But now we are all better and I feel giddy. Let’s all take a moment to say nice things about Karen.

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  1. A virus? Did you have to get a nose swab to find out? Is it contagious?
    I heart Karen Rani…

  2. Glad you are back. If you weren’t fixed by tomorrow morning I was going to email you. I figured maybe you were just doing maintenance, since your last post that I got was about feedreaders.

  3. Yeah! I thought you banned me or something!

    Missed you at pandaland on saturday.

  4. Karen is very smart. I can’t do anything except type and press publish.

  5. You’re back! Hooray!

  6. Glad you’re back- 11 in my reader today.

    At least I got all caught up…

  7. I recommend Tylenol + cough/cold for the virus. The cooling mint stuff really seems to soothe right away. And if it doesn’t do the trick, a shot of whiskey every hour until the sore throat is gone (or you don’t really care about having one).

    I’m kidding, really, though I have used the whiskey once or twice – hic.

    Thanks, Karen!!!

  8. Your blog has a social disease. Well, it did. It had a social disease.

    Tell your blog to use a condom next time.

  9. I’d ask you what kind of virus you had, but I think it would only open the door for you to start talking about vomit, and you know I am a sympathy puker.

    Glad your blog is feeling better.

  10. Hooray. Tell your blog to stop trying to send e-mails through my Outlook….


  11. Okay, I’ll bite. How does a blog get a virus?

  12. Ha Sarah – it wasn’t a virus exactly. Though a blog can get one. One of your plugins was hacked by horrible people and they apparently work for Viagra and porn sites because there were 1000’s of links in your code and once I got rid of those, those horrible people had also changed your code on over 45 files so I had to go through each one and clean it up. It was messy and required gloves.
    What I’d like to know is how is business for ad links so lucrative that a-holes have to go and hack a Mommyblog. SO annoying.
    I think feeds are working now – but if anyone has problems, let Sarah know!

  13. Hooray! Your feed is working on bloglines now too.

  14. oh yes…happened to me too. grr..hackers!
    at least yours happened on the weekend!! ahaha!

  15. Yay Karen. And! Nice new look.

  16. the feed is working for me Sarah but everytime I click on the link to read more it warns me that it could hurt my puter. ack. so yeah, here I am. Oh well LOL

  17. Karen rocks!

    And now I can get my Sarah fix again. Woot!

  18. I did not know this. Can I get an antibiotic or something for my blawg?

  19. All praise Karen! I was trying to comment last week but it wouldn’t let me for some reason. I’m happy you’re fully operational again!

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