My Eyes are Going to Roll Right Out of My Head

Claudia is currently laying on her bedroom floor and crying because her brother pooped in the potty and flushed it before she had a chance to see it.

That wasn’t in ANY of the parenting books.

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  1. um, wow. Gotta love pointless, toddler tantrums. Esp. one about poop.

  2. Oh the horrors! Not be allowed to see the poop, preflush! I weep.

  3. We’re all about the poopy pride and preoccupation in our twin-blessed home too….

    Maybe we could co-author a book, “Poop and the Plural Parent”….

  4. OMG you’re living double what I’m living. Oy.

  5. Overtired much? Maybe she’ll cry herself to sleep on her bedroom floor and wake up refreshed and ready to put her own poop in the potty. Or not. In which case, I recommend a large glass of wine to help the evening go better.

  6. I hear you. Mine fight over who gets to flush. And the little guy isn’t even potty trained yet.

  7. Wow those two really do share almost everything, don’t they?

  8. That must have been one awesome poo.

  9. This post would be much better with photos.

  10. I TOTALLY understand her anger. I like to see a really spectacular dump too.

  11. When ARE you going to write that parenting book?

  12. Yeah, Lori does the same thing when I forget to show her too.

  13. My little one used to do the same thing. Once in protest to my constant preemptive flushing she just went in and ate her own poop. That was a fun call to the doctor…

  14. Oh, wow. Good times.

  15. Your posts are priceless, as are the comments. I send the parenting book question, there aren’t enough out there that approach all the insanity with the levity and sense of humor that you seem to.

  16. bring her over here. Boo does some rather fascinating fecal murals she can check out.

  17. Hilarious …but you missed a chance to make a few dollars

    Did you hear about the twins (I think they were twins) in Australia who in 2003 won Australia’s Funniest Home video $200,000 I think for one brother showing the other his poop in the toilet.It was funny but not hysterically.

    It’s true – LOL they had them on TV Saturday night to show viewers an update.

  18. THAT is some funny stuff!KIDS!!

  19. Okay, you offically win the best tantrum story I have heard today. The best I have is my youngest threw a fit because her older sister ate her own dinner. Not kidding, she flipped out because she wanted her sister to eat her food instead.

  20. Everyday, something new and exciting, who knew?

  21. Dawson won’t let me flush the toilet at all. If I go to the bathroom, he waits outside the door until I’m done then runs in and screams, “Doooooon’t Fluuuuuuuush!”

    It freaks me right out.

    Are Ian and Claudia competitive with each other?

  22. No one told me that my son would throw an ink pen in the toilet BEFORE my daughter flushed her poop either. That was a fun experience.

  23. I am glad to know that there is another discusting girl out there.
    We’ve decided that our daughter (who is 4) is going to be the next Sara Silverman.

  24. i meant disgusting

  25. Well, yeah. Don’t you cry when your husband doesn’t call you in when he’s done?

  26. Poor Claudia. So deprived.

  27. Very funny.

  28. OMG! That is hilarious! I can just imagine you consoling her “it’s OK honey, you can look at Daddy’s poop when he gets home.” I would have been all “look! Who wants popsicles?” Crazy kids. :)

  29. At least yours isn’t gagging (and flushing hundreds of times) while he poops because he can’t stand the smell.

  30. Never underestimate the draw and admiration of poop. It explains so many of the successful reality shows on television.

  31. Dear lord in heaven, I’ve dealt with the same thing only my son cried rivers of tears because I flushed his morning poop when he wanted to save it for daddy to see when he got home at SIX in the evening.

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