Parenting Advice Needed

Ian keeps taking his pants off for no reason.

Three or four times a day I turn around and he is naked from the waist down.

Is this a normal four year old boy phase or am I raising some sort of future pervert flasher?

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  1. Well Lucas just turned 4, and while he doesn’t strip his pants off and run around naked, he likes to keep a hand down his pants or even better lift the twig and berries our over his elastic band….um ya

  2. Oh it’s quite normal. In fact, some of us never outgrow it. Yes, that’s right: pantless commenting! Woo HOO!

  3. All dudes are perves and obsessed with their twigs and berries. It’s perfectly normal for this to be happenning at 4…and 40. It’s not a parenting issue. I am thinking it’s a genetic thing…as long as you can get him to wear pants to the store or to school or to church, you’re doing good in my book (no matter what the age!)

    Good luck!

  4. Well, you still might be raising a future perver. Who really knows on that one?

    BUT…. the pantsless thing? Not a big deal. Start to worry if he’s still doing it in ten years. :)

  5. Meh, my husband does that.

  6. Are they SUPPOSED to wear pants? ALL the time??

  7. I thought everyone did that!!

  8. Completely normal.

    In fact, I still have trouble keeping my pants on.

    I took my pants off to write this comment just to show you how completely normal it is.

    HMM, maybe you should be worried.

  9. My he-twin and she-twin are all about the “breeze” (and they’re 6). Periodically, I hear booty smacking in the playroom when they DID have pants on just a few minutes earlier…

    I wasn’t too worried….’til now! 😉

  10. Well, Hoss and Lil Joe run around half naked all the time, so even if it’s not normal, you can at least reassure yourself that Ian is in good company.

    When Hoss was a preschooler, we were in the car and listening to the country station. When Kenny Chesney’s “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem” was playing, Hoss belted out a chorus of “No shirt, no shoes, no pants, and no problems!” It seemed so appropriate for him at the time.

  11. Can you get him a little trench coat? That would be awesome.

  12. egplnt21 says:

    We require the wearing of underwear at dinner. Its been an issue for the three year old the last few nights….

  13. Men don’t like to wear pants. There is scientific prrof of that some where. My guy gets home for work takes off his boots and then his pants…

  14. He’ll never outgrow it. It mas more to do with comfort than anything else, plus your reaction probably eggs him on.

    I wish I could still do that. Wait, I do. And my girlfriend’s reaction eggs ME on.

  15. Show him the picture from yesterday and then hide the lunch meat.

    Oh, wait, that’s probably not appropriate. Damn.

    When oldest two were very young I considered it a victory that they both had diapers on when we greeted the mailman.

    Good luck.

  16. I’m not wearing any pants right now.

  17. My boys had the same issue. They outgrew it. Apparently I had the same issue at around 3-4. Much to Ritch’s dismay, I outgrew it also.

  18. Well, my 3-yo boy doesn’t strip down … but his 3-yo sisters do. One of my greatest challenges during the day is keeping those kids clothed.

  19. Totally normal. I have a 7 and 5.5 year old boys.

    They both went through that stage around 4 where I couldn’t turn around or they’d be naked.

    I got use to see a lot of little nuts.

  20. mamacrow says:

    My third son is currently 4, and is clothed most of the time, he just often dosn’t put boxers on… so he has shorts or trousers but nothing on underneath…. What I’m trying to say is that he’s clothed but often goes comando!

  21. Utterly age appropriate.

    My advice would be “Legalize and Regulate” Examples of what I mean are:

    “Ian, if you want to be naked, you can be naked in your bedroom or the bathroom. Those two places you can be naked for as long as you want and as often as you want.”


    Get out your egg/kitchen timer and tell Ian “Every day we’ll be having ‘Naked Time’, I’ll set the timer, you take your pants off and when the timer goes off, the pants go back on.”

    I remember when my sons were that age I would have to tell them “That’s not the kind of living we do in the living room. You want to live like that, fine, but do it in your bedroom or bathroom.”

    Not that I am repressed, kids can be naked anywhere in the house if that works for your family. But for most, it seems that regulating nakedness to bedrooms and bathrooms. But if you are okay with where they are naked, then the timer approach might help curb the amount of nudity instead of redirecting where it occurs.

  22. Absolutely age appropriate. Dana Carvey had a whole skit about “naked time.” I don’t think he was talking about 31-year-olds, but our windows have nice curtains anyway.

  23. My neighbor’s son (my son’s best friend) used to come over to play and the minute he walked in the door he would take off his pants. Finally I asked his mom about this. She was totally embarrassed, but luckily we are friends so we both laughed about it.

    A few days later she called and said she figured out why he strips down the minute he walks in our door. When his dad gets home from work each night, he takes off his work pants and puts on sweat pants. The kids were little, maybe 3 or so when he did this, so he assumed that is just what you do when you walk in the door. Sort of like Mr. Rogers and his sweaters and shoes, but a little more funny.

  24. Both my boys LOVE their little naked selves. They are 4 and not-quite 6 and relish any excuse to drop their pants. In fact, just the other day when they were supposed to be getting ready to go to the pool, I caught my 4 year old prancing around in front of the neighbor girls — who had come over to go with us — completely naked, wiggling it around as best he could, singing “I LOVE MY WEEEEEEE-NUS!!!!!!” at the top of his lungs. Needless to say, the neighbor girls (5 and 8) had no idea what to do and were standing there half horrified half intrigued by the impromptu serenade they were getting.

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