The Oldest Joke in the World*

As you may remember (from such posts as the last one) Ian keeps randomly taking off his pants.

Well, maybe not so much randomly as constantly.

He runs up to me this morning “Look at me Mommy! I’m naked! I’m crazy!”

And I say “Yes, I can see your** nuts.”

I kill myself.


*You guys know what I’m talking about, right? A guy walks into a doctors office dressed completely in saran wrap and says “Hey Doc, I think I’m going crazy.” and the doctor says “Yes, I can see you’re** nuts.”

** Since it is a play on words I don’t know which to use you’re or your. Devra says it is you’re but I’m not sure so I used both.

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  1. umm.. yesterday’s post about Ian didn’t show up in my feed reader (google reader). I thought maybe I just missed it, as I was transfixed by that photo of Anthony Bordain, but I checked again. And nope, no naked Ian post.

  2. It might be old, but it’s always funny.

    ….but how come the guy didn’t wrap his package in saran wrap? Was he looking for a place to hang-out?

  3. Forget the trench coat – get Ian a big marrow bone and teach him to hold it strategically.

  4. Thank you Austin Powers.

  5. no pants here either..but usually just the daughter…and then there is when they take photos of each others butt holes…

  6. Ha ha ha!

    I had forgotten all about that joke. And it will always be funny!

  7. Nakedness runs through our house throughout every hour of every day…and it’s not the good kind. Two boys + one husband equals way too many penises (or is it peni) for my liking. Plus they like to pretend they’re peeing on each other – Look Adam, I peeing…psssshhhhhh – ba ha ha hahahahahahah. Don’t even get me started on the shananigans that go on in the bathtub.

    Completely normal, in a little boy abnormal sort of way.

  8. That was a good one, Sarah and the Goon Squad. Well done.

  9. The best laughs are the ones you give yourself.

  10. we used to have “naked running” after every bath.

    I LOVE that joke, and you just crack me up!

  11. Once we were having dinner guests come over. The boys were in the playroom, I’m in the kitchen preparing the meal. The doorbell rings, my four year old answers it and I don’t think anything of him answering the door because we’re good friends with the guest. Then I hear…

    “Good lord boy, where are your clothes?!”

    That’s right. My previously dressed son stripped completely naked in the playroom then answered the door in his birthday suit.

    What is with boys?

  12. I think (hope) it is normal to run around naked when you are little. My son doesn’t take off his pants much but is “readjusting” often. When I ask what he is doing, he says he is putting “IT” in the right place. At bathtime he is all over it. I guess they are discovering their little bodies, it is innocent for now.. just wait until they are teenagers.

  13. Always good for a laugh!

  14. My two year old’s second phrase was, “I naked.” Now he giggles when he says it.

  15. Heh. I love me some punny cheese. Especially if there are nuts in it.

    Wink, wink.

  16. How can there be 16 comments and not one with an opinion on the your/you’re issue? The answer is that pun jokes can not be written, only spoken.

  17. Hysterically funny! My son used to do this too. Just strip and go flying down the hall. He’s a teen now so thank goodness he’s outgrown nakedness in my house.

    “your nuts” Haha!

  18. the punchline as I’ve heard it:
    Doctor-“Yes, I can clearly see your nuts.”
    I think the “clearly” brings it all together with the saran wrap…
    Makes me laugh every time.

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