Caption Contest: A Horse on the Toilet?

I walked into the kids bathroom today and I thought What the hell ? And then I thought Hey, this is just a caption contest waiting to happen.

So have at it.

Awesome photo removed when photrade suddenly went out of business. Jerks.

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  1. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink!

  2. You can lead a horse to toilet, but you can’t make him shit.

  3. Spirit suddenly finds himself transported to the top of the beanstalk.

  4. Morning After the Derby Party

  5. “My Friend Flusha”

  6. The horse MUST be male, the lid isn’t even up!

  7. Willllbuuurr! What happened last night? The last thing I remember was we were at the bar and you started talking to those blonde chicks…

  8. Ever wonder about the origin of the name “Big Brown”?

    Black Beauty?

    Need I continue…………

  9. Howdy, Doody!

  10. …and then he expired from the noxious fumes.

  11. gives peeing like a racehorse a whole new meaning :)

  12. Big Brown

  13. I’ve gotta pee on a Russian race horse!!

  14. after one leads ones horse to water one might have to piss like a mexican race horse?

  15. Someone has the trots again…

  16. I said I had to pee LIKE a race horse, not that I wanted to pee ON a race horse.

  17. Vito Corleone realized his message just wasn’t getting thru. He’d have to take another approach with the horse thing.

  18. See? Everyone goes on the potty, honey.

  19. “You keep trying to get us to poop in this damn thing and you’ll get a horse head in your bed.”

    Signed, The Goon Squad

  20. I was going to post something about Nag Nag Nag but I’m so in awe of “My Friend Flusha” that I can’t bear to do it.

  21. After a late night of partying with the Budweiser Clydesdales, Shadow spent the next morning neighing to the porcelain gods.

  22. “Now where is that relaxing whirlpool bath the pretty little girl promised me?”

  23. Mom at Work says:

    I don’t have a caption, but the link underneath says it would allow me to “find stuff like this on” This, I have to see.

  24. Nicole M. says:

    Stop beating the dead horse about potty training!

  25. Wild Horses…couldn’t make me poo-poo!

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