Randomess Part 115

Heh. You said Big Brown Trainer.

Funny. I don’t recall news stories about the first four severed feet being found on the Canadian coast.

After reading Rockabye is anyone else obsessed with walking up hills backwards?

Check out this picture I took in my side view mirror yesterday.


Crazy, huh?

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  1. Not crazy … BEAUTIFUL. Sometimes just something like the way sunlight comes through the clouds says “Hey! You’re alive! You are blessed! Smile!”

    I kinda needed your “crazy” photo today. See? Just a PHOTO of sunlight coming through clouds does something for someone somewhere.

    How is Rockabye? I lurve me some Rebecca :) Such a doll!

  2. The thing about the feet is just freaky. You know they’ve also now found a 6th one, right? Wee-ird.

  3. Funny how the police don’t seem all that worried about the feet. Either that or they’re saying nothing about their investigations. Seems to me that this is how they allowed over 50 women to go missing over 20 years and then found a whole slew of them dead on Willy Pickton’s farm a few years ago (this farm is a few blocks from where I live). We also have about eight 20-something guys missing in the Lower Mainland now too…and as usual, nothing much is being done about that either. I think we need an FBI-like team (ala Criminal Minds) to investigate. Either that or I’ve just been watching too much crap TV.

  4. I love how the media and the “cops” decide what gets leaked to the press and what we need to know.. (I LOVE CRIMINAL MINDS)

    That picture is really awesome!

  5. That (photo) was the rapture. Too bad you were driving the other way and missed it.

    Funny thing, the rapturees are all missing a foot. I think you-know-who still has some bugs to work out of His rapturing software.

  6. Mom at Work says:

    I saw a double rainbow when I was leaving work yesterday. Very cool.

  7. God was smiling on Annandale today? Guess s/he needed to make up for the earthquake last month.

  8. Gorgeous! The picture that is, not the severed feet. I was kinda wondering about that too.

  9. Newsflash from Eastern Canada: I never heard about any of the severed feet until two days ago, either, and I watch the news / read the newspaper every day.

  10. Love the photo. And the feet thing? grosses me out.

  11. Somehow, the fact that foot #5 was still inside a shoe makes it even more horrifying.

  12. Actually, all of the feet have been inside of shoes; that’s part of what’s weird (other than, y’know, the severed feet part). They’ve all been left feet, and all inside of sneakers.

    One of the articles about it said that body parts washing up in that area aren’t too uncommon; apparently boating accidents sometimes result in severed limbs, and something about the way the currents run tends to float things to that general area. The unusual part is the left-feet-in-sneakers thing.

    Pretty picture!

  13. That is an amazing photo! Wow!

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