Questions for You: Food

I wish I had something good for you guys today but I don’t.

Well, I suppose I could rant about how Ian refuses to get dressed but that seems to be getting old.

How about some questions for you instead? Let’s talk about food.Sam Talbot_Anthony_Bourdain

1) Who is your favorite celebrity chef?*

2) What is your “specialty dish”? (You know, what do you make when people come over for dinner.)

3) What is one food you hate?

4) What should I make for dinner?

4b) Can I please have the recipe?

On a completely unrelated note – does anyone know a quick way to fix it so that Google and Firefox stop blocking my site? They think I am dangerous. I just come off that way, really I am completely harmless.

* See picture of two of my two favorites here, Anthony Bourdain and Sam Talbot. I have always liked guys with bad attitudes. I love the internet. Thank you Google Image search.

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  1. I’m actually a bit over the whole celebrity chef trend – I find it kinda irritating and that picture doesn’t help. You’re not that bad-ass guys – If I were there I’d shove that…

    Ummm…anyway…I make a mean grilled salmon with couscouse and asparagus…:-)

  2. 1) Ina Garten
    2) pizza and a six-pack, but only if the dinner guests are real fancy
    3) dried onions
    4) french fries and chicken nuggets

  3. 1. Jamie Oliver. Yum.
    2. I don’t have one specialty dish, but when people come over for dinner I like to bust out the ice cream maker and make some wacky flavor.
    3. Ew eggplant ew ew ew. As a vegetarian for more than a decade I cannot tell you how many times I have had eggplant foisted upon me, which is annoying because I might be vegetarian, but that doesn’t mean I like food that is gross and stringy and bitter and gross.
    4. Feta and spinach pasta salad is good and fast. Or delicious (and surprisingly low fat!) french potato salad. Or I am really digging homemade turkey burgers right now.
    4b. If you really want recipes I’m happy to email them.

  4. 1) I love Nigella Lawson.

    2) Me cook? hahahahahahaha! Actually, I’m a good cook, but I hardly ever entertain OR cook. I do put together a badass Thanksgiving spread though.

    3) I like most foods, but I hate any kind of mixed vegetables.

    4) Hello? Dominos? (or insert delivery service of your choice)

    4b) 1-800-DOM-INOS 😉

  5. 1) I love Chef Ramsey. 2) I always make jambalaya for people. 3)I really do not like mushrooms or black olives. 4) Hm well I don’t know how picky your kids are, but my all-time favorite meal as a kid AND now is blackened chicken, rice-a-roni, and cucumber salad. Easy as pie!

  6. 1-none.
    2-Headless Dad is the specialty cooker around here. He made Chateaubriand last Sat. for a dinner party for 6 of us adults, 2 teens and the 2 boys. He rocks.
    3- Mushrooms
    4-We’re having bbq chicken. Although Paula Deen’s goulash recipe in last month’s good housekeeping was a hit around here. Easy and yummy!

  7. 1) Gida DeLaurentis

    2) Baked penne with fresh roasted veggies

    3) Tapocia pudding

    4) You should get take out

  8. 1) Who is your favorite celebrity chef?
    Anthony Bourdaine..YUMMO

    2) What is your “specialty dish”? (You know, what do you make when people come over for dinner.)
    Beef Brisket ala MP and Pioneer Woman and baked potatoes and salad.

    3) What is one food you hate?
    Turnips and Brussle Sprouts

    4) What should I make for dinner?
    Spinach and Stawberry Salad

    4b) Can I please have the recipe?
    Bag of prewashed spinach
    Cut up Strawberries
    Walnuts or whatever your favorite nut is
    Poppyseed Salad Dressing.

    Mix it all together and put in a bowl or on a plate and eat it. It is super dooper yummy.

  9. 1. Fav Chef: Jamie Oliver (aka. “the Naked Chef”)
    runner up: Alton Brown

    2. My Specialty: WaterMelon (loaded)

    3. Food I Hate: Can’t think of any…

    4. Frittata

    I use Firefox at home, and I’ve never had a problem with your site.

  10. I don’t watch any celebrity chefs regularly, but if you want an INTERNET celebrity then go with Pioneer Woman. Go to her site, click on the cooking tab and pick anything from her arsenal. I have made the chicken spaghetti (mmm, good!), the bacon appies (mmm, great!) and the carrot cake (mmm, the best!). Hey, I just outlined a whole meal for your guests.

  11. 1) None.

    2) Lemon chicken with basil pasta and asparagus.

    3) Bananas. Yuck.

    4) Make this:

    4b) See above. Everyone I’ve ever served it to didn’t know it didn’t contain meat. Not bad with cheap white wine either.

  12. I have never watched a celebrity chef show, which is crazy because I love food and cooking.

    As for foods I hate, there aren’t any I HATE per se, but I have to confess, I’m not a huge veggie lover.

  13. 1) Rachael Ray because of her gingerbread waffles recipe

    2) I am always the one called on by everyone to help them make a bunch of crazy stuff. So, I don’t really have one thing. I guess, my speciality is the crazy cakes I make for the kids b-days would be the thing that people remember most.

    3) Peas and spinach. Just won’t eat them.

    4) Check out They have tons and tons of kid-friendly easy recipes.

    You may want to check your domain name to see if it has been black listed. Someone can spoof your ip or domain name and get you on the list and it will cause you problems. You have to fight to get off a list like that but it can be done. (Sorry, my geek is showing).

  14. 1) Tom Colicchio – although I’ve never seen him cook

    2) Blackened Salmon with grilled asparagus and beets OR Naked Chicken Burritos – yum!

    3) ‘shrooms

    4) It’s feeling like a burger night around here.

    4b) no

  15. 1. Ina Garten – all her food is DELICIOUS and I can make it
    2. No go-to dish, I’m always changing it up. Although you can never go wrong with roasted veggies and roast chicken. Except it’s not very summery. Last thing I took to someone’s house: chopped mango with mint. Very easy and they loved it.
    3. I don’t do shrimp. Something about the texture freaks me out.
    4. Grilling tonight. Haven’t decided what, but it’s a grill day. Maybe some corn on the cob with balsmaic vinegar and parmesan… stole it from one of the morning shows. It’s yummy.

  16. Curtis Stone : oh momma! He can cook for me anytime.

    Baja Burritos or Lasagna or Chicken Marsala

    Saurkraut. ICK!

    It’s Friday, so take out or delivery. But if you HAVE to cook my kids all love Pizza Pasta Bake
    ground hamburger or italian sausage
    Diced pepperoni
    Jar of pizza sauce
    Tube pasta (ziti,etc…)
    Mix meats and sauce. Layer in casserole dish the pasta (cooked al dente), meat mixture and then mozzarella. Bake at 350 until cheese is brown and bubbley (about 25 min). If I wasn’t making this for my kids, I’d add bell pepper, olives, and mushrooms.

  17. I wanted to add:

    I grab you through my Google Reader and have no problems.

  18. 1) Alton Brown

    2) Boeuf Bourguignon. Which sounds fancier than “beef stew” but isn’t much harder to make.

    3) I actually can’t think of anything I truly hate.

    4) Julia Child’s Favorite Beef Stew

    4b) Sure, but you’ll have to wait until I get home from work.

    I also use Google reader and see you without difficulty. What kind of block message are you getting?

  19. 1 – Mario Batali and Jamie Oliver (I like the ‘nice guys’)

    2 – Roasted pork tenderloin with apples braised in the pork cooking liquid. Yum. Or feta stuffed mushrooms.

    3 – I hate blueberries and peas, which, ironically, are Will’s favorite fruit and vegetable respectively.

    4 – Stir-fry using broccoli from my garden, garlic scapes from our CSA bag, and whatever else I need to get rid of. No recipe, because I rarely cook that way.

    4b – See above. Though I could give you a psuedo-recipe (me guesstimating what I usually put in) for the pork and mushrooms from #2. Email me.

    ps – Spell check corrected the spelling of ‘guesstimating.’ hahaha.

  20. 1) Duff Goldman- so he’s a baker… what’s wrong with cookies, cakes and brownies for breakfast, lunch and supper?

    2)Most people don’t care what I cook, so long as it’s southern and home made mashed potatoes are involved. Most of our friends are in the Navy and not from the south and think my food is sent from the heavens. Who knew a lot of salt and butter could do make someone think that?

    3)Steak. Ugh. It’s either raw, still pink or charcoal, none of which I enjoy.

    4)Chuck-E-Cheese. I can recommend that because it’s not my kid involved!

  21. Mom at Work says:

    1) I’d love to hang out with Tony but I also love Alton Brown. Also enjoying Dinner Impossible right now.

    2) Usually Pete makes me bake so, I’d say cheesecake.

    3) Mayo

    4) Pancakes and Bacon (breakfast for dinner) OR pork chops and swiss chard (it’s really fresh and yummy right now)

  22. 1) The Food Network just makes me hungry, and since I don’t cook I try to avoid watching. (But I do like Anthony Bourdain, even though some of his shirt choices are questionable.)

    2) Fudge! I’m fairly famous for it. (I don’t do dinner.)

    3) Spinach. Sucks. Ass

    4) Again, I don’t cook, unless it is an extreme emergency. However, last night it was SO FRICKING HOT I served up ice cream and strawberries for dinner. Strawberries are healthy! And still, all of us barely ate. It was THAT hot. (But juice consumption was at an all time high.)

  23. 1. I don’t think I noticed food until I noticed Tony. I saw the photo and my first thought was OMG, is that Sarah’s husband with Bourdain? How’d she get that shot?

    My husband is a bigger fan of Ramsey, but think he just hangs around and waits for him to say “wanker.”

    2. Coq au vin

    3. Refried beans. gag.

    4. Seared scallops. Butter, olive oil, garlic, basil, spaghetti.

  24. Did you just ask me who my favorite celebrity chef is?
    Because I swear that’s what it said.
    Head exploding in

  25. OH, and just order a pizza.


  26. 1. Alton Brown

    2. You have to invite people over for dinner before you can have a “specialty dish”.

    3. cauliflower

    4. It’s probably a bit late for a dinner suggestion.

    And you show up just fine for me on Firefox.

  27. 1. The Swedish chef
    2. Publix subs
    3. Cantalope
    4. Publix… Er… Safeway subs?!?

  28. i’m not answering questions (so there!), but OH, SAM IS SO YUMMY!!!!!!!!

  29. 1. Tom Colicchio.
    2. Tater tots
    3. Sauerkraut
    4. Tacos
    5. Buy shells. Cook meat. Serve warm in shell.

  30. baby boy names says:

    my favourite food is from kfc :))

  31. Six degrees of separation … I found out last nite my stepdaughter knows Sam Talbot & his girlfriend!

    And the one food I hate — liver!

  32. 1) Alton Brown

    2) Spaghetti squash with “homemade” sauce (canned pureed tomatoes, some spices, garlic, sausage)and garlic bread.

    3) Lobster (yes, I’m a freak). Something about a giant cockroach sitting on your plate just turns my stomach.

    4) Grilled sweet & hot chicken breasts with summer squash

    4b) Boneless skinless chicken breasts, pounded somewhat flat and sprinkled with Hot Shot (its a hot pepper spice). Then mix a couple of tbs of orange marmalade with honey and microwave for a few seconds. Grill the chicken and slather the marmalade sauce on like BBQ sauce.
    For the squash, cut in long slices, coat in some olive oil and a little salt & pepper and gril.

  33. I can’t speak for his cooking, but Tony B’s sardonic wit and general temperament make him one appealing dude to hang out with.

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