Traffic Experiment #3

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  1. Busty Russian Lola Chicken butts

  2. P.S. That phrase is based on words people have used to find my blog. Sheesh.

  3. I’ll bite. :)

    “crenshaw melon tomboy boob suck”

  4. katie baby bump grind broadway

  5. Hubby and I think:

    World of Warcraft Boob Hack (or nude hack)


    Man gives birth to his own twin.

  6. “free polygamist election summer porn”

  7. Sports freak with a vagina birthing twins.


  8. I’m going to go with a combo of the two things that bring people to my site all the time: zicam while nursing glorious boobs

  9. angelina jolie brad pitt twins

  10. subway homeschoolers rainbow jello shots discriminates

  11. hot girls dangerous thong

  12. Anthony Bourdaine’s Massive Boner Pictures

  13. naked twin drunk girls streak baseball game

  14. toilet photos.

  15. vagtastic harry potter twins blog

  16. Argument over beer

  17. Jessica alba naked tits

  18. potty training nude andy gibb coloring pages

  19. Obama Porn, McCain Sex act with Iraq’s prime minister and Hillary’s Iran penetration for lower gas prices caused Tim Russert and George Carlin heart failure.

    what…too soon?

  20. uterus pictures

    Seriously, that and Lori Berkner keep people coming to my site in big numbers.

  21. can i still enter??

    #1 google hit to my site is Ash and Dawn from Pokemon naked.

  22. naked political junkie smacks Tom Cruise

  23. I’m going with: “Vista sucks”

  24. Underage Crossdressing Orangutang Politician

  25. James Dobson Diapered Husband Myspace Page

  26. I just gotta say that when our son was little he was trying to tell us about a Pokemon character and we couldn’t understand him. My husband thought he was saying “Ass” instead of “Ash” and couldn’t believe they would have a Pokemon character named “Ass.” Keep in mind this is the same guy who couldn’t remember the name of “MooShu” in “Mulan” and called him “Mucus”. And my husband makes fun of my mother and her mispronounciations. Seriously.

  27. oh my god, i remember clicking through to that tattoo last year.

    i get a lot of hits for “sisters peeing together.”

    see, once i told a story about how i was talking to my sister on the phone while i was peeing, and she made me laugh so hard that i fell off the toilet…while still peeing. you can’t stop peeing in the middle of laughing that hard!

    anyway, that was a post from two years ago, and i still get at least 5 hits a day from it.

    what are these people hoping to find?
    i guess it’s better if i don’t know.

  28. I sure hope I can hang thongs on my christmas tree this year.

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