Traffic Experiment #3 is Underway

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  1. make money working from home naked celebrity photos twins

  2. This cracks me up!!! but I’ve got nuthin’ so I’ll just stalk it, mmm k?

  3. For whatever reason, I get at least a few hits every day for “mom like it big.”

    People are freaky.

  4. “free nude teen sex clinton”

  5. I’ll throw in a deconstructing Cinderella.

    That’s got me a couple of hits.

  6. How ’bout: Johnny Depp for president

  7. Wow. I’ve been saving the really weird ones. I’ll have to check to see if I have had any new weird ones lately. Wait, that would actually mean that people still read my blog. Never mind.

  8. let’s try this for traffic!

    Olsen twins chubby naked boobs

    I don’t think I’m very good at this, but it’s cracking me up.

  9. Wait. So, I’m not supposed to cradle and sing to my Mom’s granny-panties? I so cherish them. Dang.

  10. Oh I’m so going to win: Miley Cyrus Jonas Brothers smoking naked sex tape

  11. I get lots of “can you smoke catnip?”

  12. What works for me on a daily basis:

    Pictures of Penis Peeing
    Little boy penis

    I know..sick

  13. I’ve been getting this one with some regularity for a couple years:

    “Exploded babysitter”

    I assure you those words are not found together anywhere on my blog except when I blogged about weird searches.

  14. Here is my entry:

    rachel ray medical butt naked sushi jolie twins

  15. I did a post a while back of my dog upside down being silly with her legs in the air and titled it Dog Slut. I had several google hits for people searching for that phrase, kinda creepy.

  16. Mine is drunk naked twin girls streak baseball game.

    Is it cheating if I get my sister to streak a Silver Spring Thunderbolts game with me while we guzzle beer and shout “We’re drunk! We’re twins!” (We’re not twins, but we sure can drink.) I think this would generate enough searches in Google to safely put me in the running.

    Mommy Needs a Police Record.

  17. Mine is

    “himalayan whistle kid”

    and it’s brought 3 DIFFERENT people to my blog. WEIRD.

    Oh, and I totally stole that phrase from an old Will & Grace episode.

  18. I seem to get a strange number of hits for “glad I don’t have testicles.”

    Try that one!

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