My Mom Was Right

water chestnutAfter 35 years of thinking they were disgusting and tasteless I have finally decided that I like water chestnuts.

My Mom always said I would like them when I grew up.

Does this make me a grown up?

Crap. Does this mean I need to get a job?

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  1. Oh, I hope not.

    I never liked rice until I was past my early 20’s. Same with many vegetables. Seems my taste buds went through some kind of etiquette school in my mid-20’s, letting me finally enjoy foods other than pizza, mac and cheese, and McDonald’s.

  2. naww, jobs are overrated.

    I started liking them a few years ago. Fresh water chestnuts, while a pain in the ass to peel, are a million times better than the canned ones.

    I wonder if I’ll ever like tomatoes. I hated them so much as a kid that I wouldn’t even eat pizza!! I’m past that now, and will eat pizza, spaghetti, some chili, and fresh salsa if it has lots of cilantro. But you’ll never catch me eating a fresh tomato off the vine.

  3. I hope that doesn’t mean you’re all done growed up. (Because I think we’re the same age. And if we are that means I have to grow up too!)

  4. My Mom keeps telling me I’ll like onions. It isn’t going to happen.

    And no, you don’t need a job as long as you have a sugar daddy.

  5. Hmm I’ve never had them alone, but they’re totally fabulous in spinach dip 😀
    Like this one:
    I made it for a party on Friday. Yum :)

  6. You’re more grown up than me I guess. I still think water chestnuts are from the devil.

  7. No you are not grown up, you do not need a job…
    Water chestnuts add texture more than taste..

  8. Water chestnuts make eating a lot of dishes so much more gratifying because of that great swooshy crunch like thing that is inherent to the water chestnut. This has no bearing on your career.

  9. I had to come back to say that I thought that image of water chestnuts was an image of some crack rocks. It’s likely that you’d like crack rocks if you tried them, but they usually have an adverse effect on careers.

  10. I don’t like water chestnuts. Does that mean I’m not grown up? If so, I shouldn’t have to pay taxes. Or work.

  11. My husband hates water chestnuts. Whole wedding venues were nixed when they gave us menus that had things with water chestnuts. I was like, we can ask to do something else. He was like, but they suggested water chestnuts!

  12. I still don’t like them. I hope my day comes.

  13. My kids both like water chestnuts. Crap.Does this mean I should make them get jobs?

  14. Eeeewwww. Love you. Hate the nut poseurs.

  15. I’m not worried about you until you start liking those disgusting “chestnuts roasted on an open fire.”

    Have you ever had THOSE foul things?

  16. I guess as long as I don’t ever start liking tomatoes, I can remain a non-grown up. :)

  17. Nope. Just deny it every time someone asks.

  18. That’s weird. *I* just started liking olives, though I’m not sure my mother ever told me I would.

  19. Wrap them in bacon (stick with a toothpick), bake them till the bacon is done, then pour oyster sauce over them.

  20. ewww. water chestnuts. for what purpose?

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