Anyone for Tennis?

I know you aren’t supposed to write posts on your blog about your dreams but last night I had a dream that Kevin Spacey wanted me to play doubles tennis with him.

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  1. I recently dreamed that Oprah gave me the opportunity to have whatever I wished for and all I asked for was highlights. And she was like “Seriously? That’s all you want?” I think she was a little disappointed in me.

    I love to hear about people’s dreams.

  2. You can call me, 'Sir' says:

    Euphemism alert!

    So dirty!!!!

  3. I guess he hasn’t seen you play tennis before.

  4. Dang, Kevin is a regular in my dreams but he’s never EVER asked me to do doubles. Lucky lady.

  5. Why aren’t you supposed to blog about your dreams? Was that in the handbook? Did I miss a memo?

    I haven’t remembered my dreams for a while.

    Was he Kevin Spacy the actor..or was he one of his characters? Tennis with Kaiser Sosay would have been really cool

  6. Kevin Spacey is a drunken rogue with a weak second serve.

  7. Did you have opponents?

  8. You’re not? I can’t keep up with all of the bloggy rules. I’m just going to write what I want!

    And…did you guys win?

  9. I’m like MP. I totally missed the rule that you aren’t allowed to talk about your dreams. Why not? What other rules am I missing?

    I just dreamed that I was abducted by aliens with half blue and half green faces.

  10. Was it because you’re left-handed? Or because you’re hot?

    Are you watching too much Wimbledon coverage or something?

  11. I think this dream needs further analysis. Why Kevin Spacey? And Why Tennis?

  12. I love tennis. I was sure you were going to post about Wii. No idea why.

  13. So was Kevin hot in his little white tennis shorts and breezy shirt? Did he want you to wear the little skirt and tennis panties with the ball pouch?

    (Talking about panties with a ball pouch sounds far more disturbing than it really is.)

  14. I’m glad to see I wasn’t the only one that missed the rule about blogging about dreams… Why not?

  15. Last night, I dreamed that my boyfriend (Jim from the Office) broke up with me, so I started dating the lead singer of Crazy Town, who turned into Bobby Wheeler halfway through the dream (Celebrity Rehab, anyone?). Oh, and a super creepy James Woods was stalking me, but Crazy Town scared him off.

  16. OMG I had a sex dream about Paul Giamatti once.

    Totally weird!

  17. I LOVE Kevin Spacey !!!!!!!!

    You just put a smile on my face :)

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