The One She is Going to Hate Me For

“Mommy!” she yells. “Look at me! I have a tail.”

Then she runs by with a pair of underpants shoved in her butt.

NOW I’ve seen everything.

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  1. Nah, she won’t hate you for this… MUCH.

  2. At least she didn’t have someone biting the tail..that would have been gross

  3. Just when you think you’ve seen everything!

  4. Was it a clean pair of underpants, at least?

  5. Ouch. Not the underwear thing – the snorting of coffee through my nose again.

  6. When she does hate you for it, you can say, “Honey, you ASKED for it. Sorry for partyin’.”

  7. At least she didn’t light it on fire & run around the house!

  8. They’re kids, hopefully when she’s older she realizes that all kids do crazy things at this age… maybe with two of them the same age they are a bigger handful than most… maybe she’ll appreciate that you saved the memory for posterity… I know I’m stretching! She’ll get over it? It’s still too cute!

  9. She is SO related to you.

  10. BUHAHAHA. I’ve seen this. On my own child. They should be friends.

  11. my prediction: “Underwear shoved in her butt” will win the traffic contest.

  12. It is just TOO much fun at your house!

  13. My neighbor girl stuck her pacifier up her butt. Now *that’s* something to talk about!

  14. I agree with Kara, that is so going to win!

  15. You can call me, 'Sir' says:

    You took a picture, right? To show to future boyfriends? Yes?

  16. This story snapped me out of my 15 week pregnancy funk. I no longer care that I can’t fit into anything (neither maternity nor regular clothes)…I’m just laughing.

  17. At least you didn’t take get video or photos. Or did you…

  18. Did you hear about the one with the wind in the vagina?

  19. Hmmmmm … makes you wonder what she’ll do with a bra …

  20. just spat my coffee all over my computer screen. Thanks for the laugh.

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