Consider Me Stimulated

I always used to think I was really bad at math until one day I realized that if I just looked at the numbers and pictures them with a dollar sign in front of them addition, subtraction and percentages were no problem.

Even though I am the polar opposite of anal retentive (if you’ve ever seen my style of housekeeping you will agree I am telling the truth) but I tend to be OCD when it comes to money.*

When we bought our first house we took out a second mortgage. There was about about a three month period in our lives where Gabe and I were both working full time. We decided to pay off the second mortgage (it was only a couple of thousand dollars) and I got weird about it. I used to send the mortgage company between $1.30 and $150 dollars almost every day. I know it sounds crazy. In fact, it probably IS crazy but it is 100% true. Online banking enabled me to send a payment for $9.68 without penalty.

What was my point? Oh right. So today I was checking our online account like I do every day and I noticed that we had more money than we had yesterday. A LOT more money.fistful of dollars

And it isn’t a payday.

The government direct deposited my stimulus check. Wasn’t that sweet of them?

I rarely have nice things to say about our current administration but this sure was nice.

Thanks Uncle Sam.

* And my cds and my Netflix queue. Other than that I’m a mess.

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  1. Hooray!! I am still completely unstimulated. And desperately in need of some stimulation. Come on Dubya… help a girl out here!

  2. Ok – I must take that back. I just went and checked my account, and I was also stimulated today! Woot!

  3. Unfortunately we are getting a paper check so I am still waiting to be stimulated. Sigh.

  4. Taps foot. Looks at watch. Taps foot more frantically. C’mon already with my stimulation!

  5. Cool. We got our check a few weeks ago and bought an HDTV. Just doin’ our part to stimulate.

  6. Just what stimulation will you purchase with the check.

  7. We got stimulated awhile ago, hence the kick ass camera that has taken over 2000 photos since 6 weeks ago.

  8. Mine better show up in the mailbox tomorrow. I already ordered new living room tables!

  9. I don’t think the government will really like what I spent my stimulus check on – I bought a new crown for my tooth.

    Fun. I know hows to has it.

  10. Will it really be so nice when they deduct it from your refund next year?

  11. I “stimulated” the economy by taking a road trip. Rats; I probably stimulated oil companies more than anyone else, and they didn’t deserve it.

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