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Ooooh That Smell

Dear Everyone Who Encouraged Me to Potty Train My Children, My kids are four years old now and they are finally potty trained. (Yeah, it took me two entire years to accomplish potty training. I consider it a long term goal.) Yes, it is wonderful that I am saving buttloads of money on pull-ups and […]

Then I Turned into a Lioness

The Goon Squad and I were on our way to the grocery store today when I found myself in one of those predicaments. Somebody was tailgating me. I don’t mean the awesome party before the football game with beer and bratwurst. I mean the kind where some punk in a tiny little midlife crisis Saturn […]

All That and a Baggie Full of Ham

You know how when you go to birthday parties for little kids your children get parting gifts?* I went to a birthday party this weekend where the adults got parting gifts too, and my parting gift was a baggie full of ham. Seriously. A sandwich bag with ham in it. (Curse my broken camera!) It […]

The Long Way to Score a Free Babysitter

Step 1) Meet a friend in 10th grade. Step 2) Stay in touch with aforementioned friend for 20 years. Step 3) Have children. Step 4) Wait for friend to get a job in your town and move 1000 miles north. Step 5) Have friend marry awesome guy. Step 6) Wait until that guy is unemployed. […]

Like Shaving, Except You Sweat More

I did something yesterday that I had never done before. For the first time in my entire life I mowed the lawn. (No. That is not a euphemism.) I mowed the yard and I have a couple of things I would like to say about it. 1) It was both way easier and way harder […]

Bringing Me Back Down to Earth

It is so easy to feel good at BlogHer. You see people who you admire and who admire you back. You get to hang out with internet rock stars. People want to take pictures with you. You get interviewed and put on television. A conference like that can be such a high. But then you […]

Too Jet Lagged to think of a Clever Post Title

This happens to me every year after BlogHer. I’ve got nothing. It isn’t that I’m burnt out… it is just that I already said all of the things that I have to say. I just said them to you guys in person. Plus I can’t seem to readjust to Eastern Standard Time. I suppose I […]

It’s a Small World After All

In case you haven’t been reading my road trip blog or if you are new here I arrived in San Francisco yesterday for the annual BlogHer conference. I am having a wonderful time and all that but I really want to tell you a quick story. One of the many blogs that I write for […]

Would You Wear This Shi(r)t?

Would You Wear This Shi(r)t? Originally uploaded by Sarah606 Seriously? This t-shirt had cat buttholes on it. And the cats are wearing cowboy boots. Look, I like cats. I HAVE two cats but you could not pay me enough money to wear a shirt which depicts cat assholes. Discuss.

I am Converting

I am Converting Originally uploaded by Sarah606 I am totally converting as soon as I get home.

Where I’ve Been

Dear Readers, Please do not be alarmed by my lack of posting. I’ve had a busy week. In fact, just yesterday I was in Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia again, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. I’ve been kind of busy over on the Mom Road Trip site. (If you haven’t been over there yet […]

Not My Usual Day

This morning a gentleman in a 70 foot truck dropped off a Chevy Tahoe Hybrid at my house. (All the neighbors got excited until I told them I didn’t get to keep it.) This afternoon a crew from CBS will be dropping by to film me (and Devra) in the car. Then (I assume) they […]