Aaaaaaah. That’s Better.

Sure I am sort of smashed in the front corner of the front bedroom and sure there is only one tiny little bar, and no it isn’t our connection I am stealing it from a neighbor, but I have internet at the beach house!

And now that I have spent 45 minutes trying to establish this fact I am going to go read a book and relax.

That is what normal people do on vacation that aren’t hopelessly addicted to the internet, right?


Does anyone even remember what people did before blogs? (and nobody say they had real jobs either or I’ll come over there.)

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  1. Don’t forget the Crackberry addiction. I’m in need of an intervention.

  2. I just went wireless in my house. You’re the first blog I came to-wanted to see how fast your graphics were.


  3. Before blogs, I watched a lot of VH1.

  4. Book, blog…both have four-letters and seem worthwhile ways to relax. A vacation is what makes YOU happy. (How am I for a fellow addict/enabler?) 😉

  5. Have a great vacation! Last one I went on? That’s when I bought my laptop…couldn’t go away without a computer, now could I?

  6. It’s officially over for me as I have now entered the crackberry world and am learning how to post via my cell phone. Because checking my email/blog/stats forty times a day is not enough. That’s normal, right?

  7. I think they drank a lot. Not that having blogs should stop you from doing that.

  8. Meh. I used to watch a lot more TV. I like to think I’m MORE productive now that I spend time online. That’s kinda sad isn’t it?!

  9. Laundry. I did laundry before blogs came into my life.

  10. Where are you? We are at the beach also.

  11. Wait. There was a time before blogs? I think not.

  12. Tonight my husband was talking with the AT&T guy about changing our Internet service. My response? “We won’t be without the Internet for more than a day while we change, will we? Because I CAN’T go without the Internet.”

    He got a quizzical look on his face and backed away slowly.

  13. Definitely TV. Don’t know that it’s any better than blogging. At least I’m reading now.

  14. And thus you capture why I, in our first family vacation in 4 years, rented a house with wireless internet.

    The addiction must be fed at all costs.

  15. I read more books… Blogs are way way better.

  16. I had a real job … so when should I expect you?

  17. Was in search of a hobby … blogging turned out to be it. AND it’s cheaper than therapy!

  18. If you can ever pull yourself away from the computer, enjoy the beach and the sun and the PRINTED word.

    I’ll be doing the same at Lake Tahoe in another few weeks.

  19. I have totally blocked out life before blogs. I vaguely remember something about cooking from scratch and clothes that smelled nice…

    MPS and I are going away and I am all ‘is there WiFi in the hotel?’

  20. I used to read a lot more books before blogs came along. I still do but it used to be a crazy number like 20 books a week. Now I’m at a much more reasonable 5 a week.

  21. I have no idea what people did before blogs or the internet or Google. How did we find out things?

  22. We are going to the middle of nowhere in Ohio with my family. The last time I was there no blackberry OR cell service. I may be hiking a lot, to the tops of hills trying to stay in touch with the world!

  23. Oh… Shivers.

    I don’t like to think about a time when there was no blogging.

    Mmmm. Watching more crappy tv? More eyerolling at spouses? More grass cutting? or Cleaning? Those are my guesses.

  24. I think we all neeed interventions! I blog while on vacation with a book in my hand and the tv on while running with sharp objects! GO ME!! WOOT!

  25. I often wonder how we survived without the internet. I know we did it, because I lived through it, but I can’t remember anymore.

    Good luck, crammed in your little corner. Hope you’re back to full wi-fi soon.

  26. Don’t feel bad, Sarah. When we make our annual pilgrimage to pay homage to Mickey Mouse, both of our laptops make the trip… and this year, I am setting up a special blog just for my vacation picks to bore you all with.

    Awwwwwww yeah!

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