The Big News

So remember forever ago when I told you that I had something really exciting happening in July and I told you I would tell you what it was and then I never mentioned it again?

Well, I couldn’t tell you yet because we had to wait for all of the legal stuff to get taken care of. But I can tell you now.

I’m going on a road trip to BlogHer!

That’s right. You heard me. Me and three other suckers from the Silicon Valley Mom’s Blogs (DC Metro Moms Blog, Chicago Moms Blog and the soon to be launched Rocky Mountain Moms Blog) will be driving to San Francisco.

I know it sounds crazy. Yes, I know it is 2823 miles from Washington DC to San Francisco, but we are getting a Hybrid Chevy Tahoe to drive and I don’t have to pay for the gas.

I hope you will check out our website. Devra and I will be leaving here on Saturday. We drive to Chicago to pick up Meagan, then to Omaha, then we will pick up Aviva in Colorado. The next day we will stop in Salt Lake City, Utah and the day after that Reno, Nevada. On Thursday we will stop off in Silicon Valley to pick up Jill and then we will show up at the hotel for BlogHer.

We will be blogging and posting videos the whole time.

I realize that a road trip of four Moms going to a blogging convention may earn me a nomination into the nerd hall of fame, but I expect it to be a great time.

Did I mention you can follow us on Twitter?

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  1. How fun! Road trips are always an adventure…
    You’ll have to share all the details…
    (I’m still not 100% sure what happens at BlogHer, so you’ll be the great revealer!)

    Safe travels and much fun!

  2. OH my gosh! How exciting! I can’t wait to see how the trip goes! :) Meet you in San Francisco!

  3. This is all very exciting, yes, but the really important question is: will you be stopping at bars in these local stops to pick up folks, so those of us not going to blogger can bask in your road trip glory for a minute?

  4. I get to drive to SF, too-same deal. Will be so fun!

  5. How fun! I think I must go to BlogHer next year…

  6. That is so awesome! I’m totally jealous!

  7. I badly wanted to go. Alex wouldn’t let me. Something about needing to work and not being able to take care of the kids for a week and a half.

  8. Okay, so sooooo jealous. You know I’m only 8 hours away from there right, you know if you can drive cross country then another 8 hours is peanuts! I’m just sayin’.

  9. Holla from Reno! I’ll actually still be in town when ya’ll roll through (we don’t drive down until Thursday morning). Shoot, NO ONE ever comes through Reno so I’m actually sorta psyched about that.

    And YAY, see you at BlogHer! :)

  10. Wow. I can’t wait to see and read the adventures.

  11. Oh, wow, Sarah! What an awesome idea. I know you guys will have an absolute blast. I’ll be seeing you once I arrive in San Fran (by air!). :)

  12. That is awesome!

    I’ve done the drive from Chicago to San Francisco. Nebraska is the worst state to drive through!

    See you in SF!

  13. Sounds like a blast! One of these years I’m GOING to get to BlogHer.

  14. You all are going to have SO much fun! I look forward to living vicariously through you on twitter 😉

  15. Very cool! Make sure you honk when you go by (we’re in Aurora, CO now – one of the Denver metros).

    And yes, Nebraska is hell to drive through (I just did it with the 4-year olds) – but pleasantly, their speed limit is 75.

    Just be grateful you aren’t making this trip with the Goon Squad.

    Question: After the long drive out – do you have to drive back? Or do you get to drive back?

  16. Of course, the second question should have been “Or do you get to fly back?”

  17. Dude, if I weren’t hugely pregnant and on modified bedrest and contracting occassionally and really grumpy and unable to drink beer and pretty grumpy about that and trying to buy a house and getting ready to move right now? I’d totally make you and Devra take me with you.

  18. I’d also spell occasionally right. Shut up.

  19. Awesome! Remember to pick up college boys and drink way too much!

  20. i love it! i wish i could take a fun road trip with a bunch of cool bloggers, but i only live forty minutes from SF. i guess i still could, but it would be a REALLY short trip. probably not worth blogging about, eh?

    well, you have fun enough for those of us who won’t be there, k?

  21. yay! i’m going on a mini road trip…joining some of the ladies on the return trip from SF to LA in one of the chevy tahoes.
    i’m so excited!

  22. yay! i’m going on a mini road trip…joining some of the ladies on the return trip from SF to LA in one of the chevy tahoes.
    i’m so excited!

  23. awesome! I am following it on Twitter already. Somehow…

  24. WOW! San Francisco! that is awesome! You are going to have so much fun! I hope none of your roomates have annoying personal habits that you are not yet aware of. Better take plenty of credit cards just in case.

  25. Holy crap…THIS IS AWESOME!

  26. Very cool. Have a safe trip.

  27. I presume that, like all movie road trips, yours will be fraught with wacky hijinks, misunderstandings with small-town cops, at least one long dance sequence, and – in the end – you’ll all learn a little something about yourselves.

    Bon voyage.

  28. Isn’t the Silicone Valley in CA? But the majority of the road trip takes place before you get to CA…right?

    You need to change the name of your road trip. DC to SF is HUGE.. Silicone Valley to SF..not so huge.

  29. I have no comment on the Denver stop that is not actually a Denver stop. I will definitely blow kisses from afar, though.

  30. Any chance you have to drive through Ann Arbor on your way???

  31. I’ll be reading along with you gals!

    I’m sure it will be hilarious…

    you all rock!

  32. Have a blast!!!!!

  33. Oh! What exciting news. Have fun. Can I meet you around Akron for dinner or lunch or a pitcher of beer?

  34. GreebleMonkey,
    We can figure out a place closer in to Denver. My family is in Denver. I have a feeling they will somehow know I am on my way in to town. ; )

  35. See you there!

  36. Congratulations! That’ll be tons of fun. If you want to start daydreaming about adventures now, a local blogger put up a list of fun things to do in San Francisco:

  37. How totally cool! I’m so jealous I could eat my keyboard.

  38. Do you read Mike Adamick? Check out his local guide to SF BlogHer. I think it might come in handy for you guys.

    Have fun!

  39. that is so exciting!

    ummmm…can you take my kids with you so that I don’t have to fly with them? (I am going to blogher too and not looking forward to flying cross-country with them. what was I thinking?!)

    have a safe and fun trip!

  40. Blogging you happy trails!

  41. Shouldn’t you be using this time to study up for the FFL draft?

    Have a great time. I’m only slightly jealous.

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