This Might Sounds Unreasonable At First

I know that it would be expensive and I understand that he will probably grow out of them in the next month or so but I honestly think if I put lo-jack on Ian’s shoes it would save me time and ease my mental strife.

What do you think?

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  1. Ok, I had no idea what lo-jack was so I just looked it up and it is recomended for use on “persons at risk”!!

  2. LMAO… I’m considering it for Ally’s socks. I swear we buy a pack of 10 at least bi-weekly. Where the hell do they go?

    Have fun on your Road Trip to BlogHer!! Very jealous.

  3. Not unreasonable in any way. Have same problem with middle child. Pretty sure it will cause grat hair at some point.

  4. so i’m with reply #2 on the sock idea… why why why are we always one sock short of a pair?

    *scratching head*

  5. Far from unreasonable! Someone on Donnie Deutsch sometime ago was pimping a kids’ shoe with built in tracking device…wonder if they offer a bo-go for twin parents…

  6. Do you think the lo-jack is available for security blanks? The Tyrants gets lost all the time and there are always tears involved.

  7. Duct tape is a cheaper alternative.

  8. My solution for shoes is the same as it is for gloves – multiple pairs strewn around every room in the house. You’re bound to find a matching pair somewhere! Expensive, yes, but cheaper than lo-jack.

  9. I suggest either getting The Clapper OR thirty pairs of shoes. Of course, then all you’d be able to find is 30 left shoes and you’d be right back where you started…

  10. I used to have this problem with my oldest until we moved into the new house. The shoes MUST be removed before entering. And wouldn’t ya know it … they were always in the same place when he went to look for them.

    Now, if only I could keep him from loosing valuable electronic equipment… games, camera, portable DVD player …

  11. My mom used to put jingle bells on my shoes. I kid you not. Then she tied the laces so freaking tightly that I had no choice but to cut off my pants and sleep in my shoes.

  12. My 14-month-old daughter has been hiding her left shoes. I found three of them in a pile together this morning.

  13. You know I had to Google it don’t you.

    Sometimes I feel so out of it being in Australia having NO IDEA what you guys are talking about.

    I had to google hostess cakes the other day too…

    I am thinking super glue would be easier.

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