The Most Unusual Tattle This Morning*

“Mommy, Ian is naked again and he is touching his butt all over your bed!”


* So far.

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  1. I loooooove your kids!!

  2. The tattles only get better as they get older…

  3. You might just think about that lo~Jack for his underwear too! 😉

  4. Love the ambiguity of this tattle! Is he touching his butt all over your bed like a puppy marking territory, or is he travelling to different locales on the bed top and “touching his butt” in each new stop on the bed?

    Perfect tattle!

  5. Crap, I had a mouth full of iced coffee and almost did a spit take on my keyboard

  6. Excellent! I can only imagine what my daughter is going to say about her big brother in the near future.

  7. This is what I have to look forward to? LOL
    My 2-year-old touched my boob and said “boobie”. I only told him they were called that once!

  8. My youngest (a very petite four year old) assaults her siblings with the smelliest farts in the house not counting dad. She is the world’s smallest Frat Guy.

  9. Oh to be a fly on the wall at your house. Am sure it would be highly entertaining.

  10. What is the opposition to clothing with this boy? Did you buy him tear away pants? He seems to make it to the nekkid-side of life in a matter of nanoseconds.

    BTW – *this* is the kind of thing you want to tell his future girlfriends …

  11. I hope you’re not out of bleach.

  12. “So far” — if by 8:30 you’re already seeing naked-butt tattles, it kind of sets a tone for the day, doesn’t it?

  13. Beware of pink eye should his butt near your pillow.

  14. michelle says:

    that is called skooching (sp?) in our household. we often find our fat cats trying to do that across the floor or god forbid the bed. maybe ian learned that from sid?

  15. Sounds like my son, except his sister reports that he is playing with his penis.

  16. Time to do the laundry.

  17. this sounds so much like my circus that it scares me. thanks for stopping by and saying hello.

  18. My boys rub their naked little butts on our bed after bath time when they’re monkeying around instead of putting on pajamas. Nothing like some naked butt germs on the same pillow you mash your face into. At least it’s after bath. Good times.

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