Not My Usual Day

This morning a gentleman in a 70 foot truck dropped off a Chevy Tahoe Hybrid at my house.

(All the neighbors got excited until I told them I didn’t get to keep it.)

This afternoon a crew from CBS will be dropping by to film me (and Devra) in the car. Then (I assume) they will be putting us on television.

On a normal Friday I would be doing stuff like grocery shopping and laundry.

At this rate I can’t wait to see what happens this evening. Maybe Ed McMahon will come by with one of those huge checks.

If he does I will buy EVERYBODY drinks at BlogHer.

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  1. Very cool. Ask CBS if they need any videographers or editors for me. Haha.

    Is Ed McMahon still alive?

  2. OOOOOH, I’m dying to find out what the ::gag:: Sponsored Drink is this year.

    You MUST report!

  3. How freaking exciting!!

  4. When you going to be in Omaha, I could meet you!

  5. You are SUCH a rockstar now. Your neighbors are totally going to be reading your blog. :)

  6. So very exciting. You’ll have to tell us all about the Tahoe hybrid, I’m oddly curious about it.

  7. Cool!

    Ed McMahon is going bankrupt. Maybe a real millionaire will read this and come to SF to buy drinks.

    A girl can dream, right?

    And I’m afraid our car will not be a Tahoe.

  8. malibu and coke.


  9. Television STAR!

  10. How very surreal it must be.

  11. That’s awesome! Will you still remember me when you’re rich and famous?

    (And should that big check arrive, I will hold you to that drink offer.)

  12. Oh, if only I could be a stowaway like on the Love Boat!

  13. I agree with Ian, Optimus Prime is the awesomest of all the Primes.

    Is it just the camera angle, or does that Tahoe not look as big as it should be…? Maybe I need new glasses.

  14. Very exciting! I’ll see you there, gorgeous!

  15. Have a great time!!

  16. So exciting!! Listen, if Ed shows up…will you buy me a ticket to BlogHer? I swear, I’ll pay you back!!

  17. Awesome, have a great trip!

  18. Practice your Vanna hands to show off that Tahoe properly!

  19. My first thought when I read theis was, “I though Ed McMahon was deceased”. Then I checked and can see that he is not. Now I feel horrible. Sheesh. LOL

  20. sarah that is so cool! enjoy !!!!

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