Where I’ve Been

Dear Readers,

Please do not be alarmed by my lack of posting. I’ve had a busy week. In fact, just yesterday I was in Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia again, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois.

I’ve been kind of busy over on the Mom Road Trip site.

Meagan, Devra and Sarah

(If you haven’t been over there yet I am with Devra and Meagan and we are currently headed toward San Francisco to go to the BlogHer conference.)

Speaking of which… do you want to see me on the news?

Do you want to see me on the news trying to squeeze my ass into a pair of size 8 jeans?

I knew you did. Here it is.

Now, I will try not to neglect you but I can’t guarantee anything. I don’t even know if I will even be able to access the internet the entire time.



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  1. Seriously, you’re in Chicago? So am I! I’m like one mile down from you at the Hilton towers. Wish we had time to see each other.

  2. You guys were SO cute on the news this morning. My DVR taped it before it decided to blow up.

    Great to meet you last night! See you in a few days! Drive safe!

  3. Oh, wow! How fun. Look at you, being on TV and such. :)

    (What’s up with that woman in the dressing room trying to force you into those pants? Is she on crack or something? Like you’d really walk out of there not being able to bend over!) :)

  4. Hilarious shopping video! Still laughing. Good job. AND HAVE FUN!!!

  5. You guys should swing through L.A. and add a dad to the group. That’s TV magic right there.

  6. michelle says:

    You look great! HAVE FUN!

  7. Hey there! I’m in Chicago and found you from Kristabella–What a great trip you guys are ON!!!

    But why the heck didn’t OPRAH have you amazing chicks on her show??? She is CLUELESS!!!!

    Safe travels and have fun!!!

  8. Seriously, I’m killing myself laughing over your personal shopper trying to squeeze you into those pants. Oh my. I’m so glad you are having such a great, child free road trip.

  9. I’m soooo excited to see you again!

    Loved the video…giggled a lot. Heh.

  10. Oh My God You are Sooo Skinny!! What a Beauty Queen!!

  11. I am so bummed that you were in Illinois and didn’t stop by my house. (I’m mostly kidding…I understand you were on a mission)

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