Would You Wear This Shi(r)t?

Would You Wear This Shi(r)t?

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Seriously? This t-shirt had cat buttholes on it.

And the cats are wearing cowboy boots.

Look, I like cats. I HAVE two cats but you could not pay me enough money to wear a shirt which depicts cat assholes.


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  1. My mom has a coffee mug with a cat butthole on it. It makes me want to throw up. She thinks its adorable.

  2. Anyone who wears that shirt should be shaved and beaten in front of their home. That’s how ass-rapingly awful that shirt is.

    Hello, Sarah. Hope the trip’s going well!

  3. Wow. That’s bad. I mean really bad.

  4. Not only that, but is the cat on the right wearing a garter belt? This means she is a cat hooker. I’m guessing you are now in the Midwest, where almost anything is possible.

    The real question is who they’re trying to sell this shirt to. The only people who wear cat shirts are the old lady, Barbara Bush haired set, and I doubt they’d want to wear cat butts on their chest.

  5. JamesMommy says:

    That’s just wrong. . . and in so many ways.

  6. Can’t discuss. Just no. No, no, no and no.

  7. Discuss? Is there something to discuss?

    This is a t-shirt you’d see on some lady at a street fair or craft show, selling her homemade doilies and hand-painted ceramic cat food dishes, wearing too much rouge and not enough hair dye.

  8. I had cat butt magnets on my fridge for some time. Wife finally tossed them. not sure why.


  9. Um, no. I think I have to draw the line at buttholes of any kind.

  10. eew.

    see you tomorrow!

  11. My cats ARE assholes, so I guess if they weren’t wearing cowboy boots, (oh, and if the shirt wasn’t pink) it would be fitting for me to wear. Well, maybe fitting isn’t the right word, since I’m a XXL.

  12. Why does one of the cats have a garter on? Is this some deviant cat threesome?

    So wrong, on so many levels.

  13. It’s just wrong that they felt the need to paint in the dot of the actual exit area. I think we could all figure out the general area no?

  14. Not if you paid me!

  15. The assholes are the saving grace of this shirt.

  16. Oh my. Where in the world do people come up with these things?!

  17. Pussy and ass on the same shirt? Of course I’d wear it. I’s got CLASS.

  18. ick

  19. Personally, no. But I’m sure your kids will love the ones you bring home for them.

  20. What in the world? Who wears this stuff?

  21. I’m a bit of a fusspot when it comes to clothes so at no time will you catch me wearing a T-shirt with anything printed on it.

    The person who owns that t-shirt also has a house decorated with cats and teddy bears and plaques with cutesy sayings on them.

    I am struggling for the message that such an image is projecting, but I think I’m trying too hard and maybe HeyJoe has it right.

  22. My Response…….

  23. I was given something equally craptastic by my aunt.

    White sweatshirt, row of five black and white cats on the front, wearing santa hats.

    On the back: row of five cat butts, all wearing santa hats.

  24. Oh wow. Heck to the N-O.

  25. Sadly, my mom would so wear that shirt. She’s worn worse. In public.

  26. Makes you wonder about the person who came up with this design. Must have been having a pretty crappy day (pun intended). HA!

  27. Someone (who knows I am fond of kitties) gave me a shirt similar to that one. For obvious reasons, I won’t wear it.

    However, it has been useful for mopping up paint spills…

  28. I love cats, but wouldn’t wear that! But I know some Bingo playing women who would! 😉

  29. What the…?



    My brain just fried.


  30. I’m shocked everyone is saying no. Come on, people! I’d definitely wear that shirt. If you paid me. I’m cheap and easy that way.

    It might be fun to wear to a gay bar.

  31. Wait, I own that shirt. What are you trying to say?

  32. Hahahahahaha….hee hee hee hee hee hee he he heheheheh…..heh.

    I’m buying you AND Gabe one of those for Christmas. He was saying, just before I left, how he wanted a T-shirt with cat asses on it.

    If anyone needs to see more cat asses, Lord knows, its us.

    Hehe. hahahahahHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…..

  33. would dog assholes be acceptable?

  34. …Appalling.

    A world of no. Not even on a dare.

  35. I have to deal with enough assholes in my life, I will certainly not be wearing cat assholes or any other assholes for that matter on my clothing!

  36. Hey, Sarah: Are you in the Bay Area for the Blogher conference? I could be wrong, but I think I just saw a glimpse of you on a local CBS-affiliated news clip.

    At any rate, if you’ve arrived here, I just want to say, “Welcome to San Francisco!”

  37. No way, but I’ve always been more of a dog person.

  38. We get a lot of tourists in my area and believe it or not- I have seen this EXACT shirt more than once! Usually on old ladies. :)

  39. well I’m flat broke at the moment.
    So what about 10 minutes for £10million?

  40. No.

  41. Hideous. Tacky. Outdated. No, wait. That would never have been good to wear. Forget outdated. Should be outLAWED! Ick. Gross.

  42. No joke, my mother in law gave me an almost identical tee shirt, without the cowboy boots on the cats. Why would I wear a shirt with cat assholes on it? Why would I wear ANY shirt with a cat on it I don’t know. I forget what I did with it, either Goodwill or trashed it a while ago.

    Oh and I had the twins, been home a week.


  44. I think only old ladies walking around flee markets wear these shirts…

    First time here…love the header!

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