Bringing Me Back Down to Earth

It is so easy to feel good at BlogHer. You see people who you admire and who admire you back. You get to hang out with internet rock stars. People want to take pictures with you. You get interviewed and put on television.

A conference like that can be such a high.

But then you come home and you are just a regular person again.

Or worse.

The other day I was on the phone with one of my internet bosses and talking about promoting one of our posts. She said she was going to Twitter it again and I said “Yeah, just re-tweet it and more people will see it and blah blah blah blah“.

Because I talk like that.

Anyway, when I got off the phone my husband was just staring at me.

He was staring at me with his arms crossed.

Me: What?

Him: Re-Tweet?

Me: Yeah, you know. When you put something up on Twitter again.

Him: You are such a fucking dork.twitter_error

And you know what? He is kind of right. Sure I felt cool around 1000 other women bloggers but in the grand scheme of things I am still sort of an internet dork. It is just like when I got into the Madrigal Group in college. It was awesome but I was still a choir geek.

Oh well, I may not be getting any calls from any trend setting magazines asking me what I’m wearing or what new music I like but I am having a damn good time doing this.

And I am fine with that.

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  1. Here, here!

    My husband doesn’t ‘get’ blogging, much less Twitter.

    Oh well, at least I got to go to BlogHer.

  2. Isn’t that the point of blogging in the first place? Personal satisfaction? The fact that you’re able to take that enjoyment and talent and transform it into a flexible (paying!) work situation just goes to show that there is plenty of room in the county/world for alternate vehicles of new and information (and entertainment) dissemination. Yes, it can be considered geeky, but you know your niche market. Is it any more geeky to talk about tweets than a cook to drool over a new stand mixer, or a biker to extol the values of some new tires on the market?
    Just like HS – do what you enjoy and hang out with the people that can appreciate that. There’s a niche for everyone out there; yours just happens to be virtual. And that is OK! (And cool!)

  3. Yeah. my daughter always called me a dork when she was a teenager, because of my internet “addiction”

    Now she’s blogging and using the internet tha same way I do.

    I guess dorkiness is in some people’s genes.

  4. i fly my internet dork flag. i’m okay with it too 😉

  5. I’m a firm believer that you can always be a cool dork – as long as you have a good sense of irony. And you obviously have one.

  6. I love you because you are such a fucking dork. And I bet Gabe does, too.

  7. Solidarity to the dorky bloggers movement!

  8. The world of blogging kind of makes me feel like I am back in band camp during high school. Yeah, I was a band geek and now I am a mommy blogging geek. I do however have the power to teach my three year old to call me “Rockstar” instead of “Mommy.” Sa-weet!

  9. I love being a dork. Thank god my husband gets all this (he’s the one who introduced me to twitter over a year ago) but my friends and the rest of my family do NOT understand me!

  10. I’m a dork and proud of it. The friend I’m staying with here said to me the other day, “It’s cool…I don’t know anybody else from home who’s like an Internet nerd like you.” And he meant it as a compliment!

  11. I dont know what twitter is! I have no idea. I feel so out of the loop .

  12. I tried to explain Twitter to Bill and he said, “I don’t feel like I know you anymore.”

    So now I’m hiding to tweet, sorta like Twitter is gin, or heroin.

  13. I love being a dork. I am a computer dork who gets paid to play with technology and I am very proud of it. :)

  14. You aren’t a dork–you’re a GEEK. Geeks are COOL. They’re the ones who eventually become millionaires and leave the jocks and pretty people in the dust. Try it–say “I’m not a dork, I’m a GEEK!” I promise, you’ll feel better.

  15. After he said that did you say “You’re such a FAIL WHALE?” I like being in internet geekdom. Real life kind of sucks.

  16. I’m a fucking dork too. it’s what all the cool kids are doing these days!

  17. At least you know you are in good company, right? :)

    Trying to explain to hubby why I need to Twitter more and how it’s different from blogging… he doesn’t get it. oh well.

  18. My husband doesn’t complain about my blogging…especially since I write a sports blog and we cover sporting events! I am a total nerd (geek, dork, whatever) though and have an advanced degree in the sciences to prove it!

  19. My husband laughed at your husband’s comment.

    His exact comment: A little bit of nerdiness is fine. But you guys have taken it to the extreme. I’m surprised you haven’t retrofitted your diaper bag w/a pocket protector.


  20. I think that being able to use the phrase “one of my internet bosses” is pretty freaking trendsetting.

  21. Tell him he’s lucky you’re a fucking dork, and not a with-holding dork 😀

  22. My husband would have said the exact same thing. Half the people, no wait, make that 90% of the people I know in real life, have no clue what Twitter even is.
    I’d imagine if nothing else, BlogHer makes you feel surrounded with like-minded people.

  23. Look, I get what your saying, but face it… You’ll never be a regular person. You’re much better than that :)

  24. “You get to hang out with internet rock stars”

    YOU are an internet rock star.

  25. David Chanel says:

    Hey Now…from one Madrigal loving choir dork to another there is nothing wrong with you.
    Why just the other night I was going through my music and came acros the flaming pudding song and had to open it up and sing through it…
    If anyone ahd been home at teh time, I’m sure there response would have equaled Gabe’s.

  26. Hello?

    The dorks are the ones who don’t know about Twitter!

  27. At least you are a hot dork.

  28. Oh my dear haven’t you heard? Geek is the new black! It was so great to spend some time with you – just like I knew it would be. And I don’t know too many geeks who look that good in a tank top!

  29. Nah, we’re not dorks. It’s just the rest of the world hasn’t figured out that we’re so much cooler than them yet.

    (Thanks for being one of my roomies at BlogHer! Hope to see you soon.)

  30. I went on vacation w/out a computer so I paid for texting on my phone…and was texting tweets so they would upload to my blog.

    I tried to explain that to my family while on vacation and was met w/ 100% blank stairs…and my husband said, “you are SO gay”..

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