The Long Way to Score a Free Babysitter

Step 1) Meet a friend in 10th grade.

Step 2) Stay in touch with aforementioned friend for 20 years.

Step 3) Have children.

Step 4) Wait for friend to get a job in your town and move 1000 miles north.

Step 5) Have friend marry awesome guy.

Step 6) Wait until that guy is unemployed.

Step 7) Invite the two of them over to dinner.

Step 8 ) Give guy friend many beers and then sucker him into babysitting while you go to the gym.

And there you have it! Simple.

You are thinking it would be easier to just pay a neighborhood kid, aren’t you?

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  1. Personally, I fully appreciate the method to your madness. Kudos!

    [By the way, my twins are HOWLING at your header…they LOVE it!]

  2. Once again, my lack of social skills in high school defeats me…

  3. My friend of twenty plus years is the one with the young kids…so I’m thinkin’ I’m the babysitter material.

    Must remember not to drink too many bahama mamas while at her house.

  4. That about sums up how hard it is to find a competent, reliable sitter. Congratulations.

  5. Hey, whatever works. Maybe the No. 1 worst thing about moving? My babysitter isn’t coming with us.

  6. That is why I joined the gym with babysitting included for only an extra $10 a month! Bonus the kids think it is cool :)

  7. And that, my friends, is what you call “The Long Con.”

  8. I admire your long-term single-minded dedication to accomplishing a goal.

  9. Ahh.. the power of beer! I knew it had mystical mind control powers!

  10. I hope you let him sober up first! 😉

  11. Perfectly hilarious. I found my sitter on Facebook. First person who replied to my listing & she lives right around the corner, graduated from HS with people I know, had references I know, has a perfect schedule, is great with the kids, has common interest as us, etc. Unbelievable how meant to be it was.

  12. Never has the phrase “plans within plans” meant so much to me as it does after reading this.

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