All That and a Baggie Full of Ham

You know how when you go to birthday parties for little kids your children get parting gifts?* I went to a birthday party this weekend where the adults got parting gifts too, and my parting gift was a baggie full of ham.

Seriously. A sandwich bag with ham in it.

(Curse my broken camera!)

It wasn’t a joke either. This is what happens when vegetarians serve cold cuts to guests.

Or maybe if you go to a party where the mom and the dad are both bloggers the real parting gift was blog fodder.

Either way I challenge you to come up with a more bizarre take-away from a party. (And no fair saying laundry nuts.) It has to be real, and bonus points if it was something consumable.

Side note: I could not find a picture of ham in a baggie on Google Image, but I did find this handy Pork Cut Chart.

* Seriously. Not necessary. You don’t have to bribe my kids to come over to your house and eat cake. Plus they will probably just trash your place. It is really nice, but you shouldn’t feel obligated to do it.

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  1. What my husband wouldn’t give for a baggie full of ham. I darenot share this with him or we’ll start taking bags of jerky as hostess gifts….

  2. I was invited to a little adult get together shortly after becoming a mother for the first time. Since I was still a milk machine, there was no way to leave the little parasite with a sitter so I took him, planning on only making a short appearance and leaving. Knowing what newborns do best, eat and crap, that’s what he did. I was asked to take the dirty diaper home with me to dispose of it. They party host took it out of the trash and gave it to me before leaving. Thankfully I had wrapped it up in a ziploc (trying to be a good guest) but damn, I was shocked! My hormones were still raging and I cried the entire way home! Umm, yeah – haven’t seen them since!

  3. I should have put the butterfly stickers on it, just to stick with the party theme. There were also two baggies of salami and one of turkey.

  4. Wow, who can top a diaper! I must say that usually I am leaving bizarre things behind, not taking new things home.

  5. I don’t have anything weird I’ve had to take home. I’m just sitting here SHOCKED by the diaper thing! WHO DOES THAT??? If you don’t want it in your trash, take it out and drop it in the bin outside. I can’t even begin to imagine being that rude to someone…. Then again, I always took my kids dirty diapers home with me when at guests houses in plastic grocery bags tucked in the diaper bag because I didn’t want to stink up someone else’s house. But still, she took it back out of the trash??

  6. Totally serious! She took it out of the garbage (like I said, it was wrapped up in a sealed ziploc bag) and handed it to me. I thought I as doing the right thing at the time and haven’t left a diaper in anyone’s garbage since!

  7. You know, I was thinking it would be funny to say “a bag of crap.” Then I read that Seriously Mama … SERIOUSLY took a bag of crap home. Wow. Just … wow. I would SO want to stick it in a paper bag, light it on fire, ring their doorbell and run …

  8. Two years ago, our neighbor gave out live goldfish as the party favor for her son’s 4th b-day. Both of my kids came home with one of those little feeder goldfish in a glass bowl (what a fun ride home, balancing two glass bowls full of water in the car), and both died within a day. My husband got a beta fish for them to make up for it and I still have the damn thing today, it won’t die. My daughter named it Nemo, and I am the only one who takes care of it now. It is indestructible.

  9. A baggy of ham? Were they dealing ham on the side, cut into nickel bag sizes?

    I hope they didn’t invite any Jews.

  10. Aprylsantics says:

    I went to a party several years back and after just about everyone cleared out, the host noticed someone had left a tube of Desitin on one of his end tables. There had been no babies/children at the party, which of course left us wondering… I didn’t take it with me, though, so I guess it doesn’t count.

  11. I can’t believe you brought up the laundry nuts. I had completely forgotten about those.

  12. Before we left for New Zealand we had a party and played a game where each of our guests received an item from our apartment we didn’t want and need anymore. After the weekend was over, we also found a new home for some of our furniture. So even though it wasn’t in a bag, and not technically part of the game, we did give away some of our furniture as a parting gift. Does that count?

  13. Ha ha, what a tops party favour.

    (But the diaper thing? Too rude!)

  14. Hey, we’re classy and generous with our meat.

  15. When I was young, I got sent home with a baby hamster has a slumber party favor.

  16. I once hosted a party where the guests each received a frozen home-made bagel and a 1/2 pint of various flavored marmalade, also home-made.

    I’ve also given a houseguest, close friend of my wife, sausage and proscuitto as a parting gift. Again home made/cured.

  17. When I read “ham in a baggie” and Fluid Pudding, I came right over. Glad I did.

  18. I mean “at,” not “and.”

  19. I’ll have to remember that…what do you do w/ jewish guests?

  20. what they hey ?? strange

  21. I hate the whole party goody bag thing myself. I tend to leave them behind because we have enough crap at our own house.

    I can’t recall getting anything to take home as interesting as the ham or as disgusting as the diaper. (kind of makes you wonder what else she’ll dig through the trash for to give back…)

  22. That is the weirdest take away ever from a party, but hey! Free food!

  23. Crap, I was totally going to say laundry nuts.

  24. I went to a sex toy party and the hostess handed out little tiny plastic penises that can be used to decorate the tops of pencils.

  25. I dont ‘get’ goody bags. Maybe sending home an extra cupcake or piece of cake just to get rid of it, but the goody bags? Totally a useless waste of money and a boost to the Chinese economy. Seriously. They buy our bottles to recycle for a pittance, or we give them to them, and then they sell us junk toys back to put in our goody bags. That’s why their economy is good and ours is tanking.

    were they vegetarians who SERVED ham at the party and wanted it out of their fridge? I dont get it.

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