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Impulse Buy

My son is completely obsessed with Transformers. He talks about them all the time. He would watch the show 12 times a day if I let him. It is the first things he asks for when he wakes up in the morning. Yes, he may be a touch young for that level of violence but […]

They Always Look So Happy in the Commercials

I don’t know why the people baking cookies with their kids on TV always look so happy. I thought it would be a good rainy day activity yesterday so The Goon Squad and I decided to make cookies. Well, technically we decided to make cupcakes, but I only had two eggs and the box recipe […]

The Marketing is Working

Mommy Mommy! I saw something on tv that I want to do. Go on Sprout online dot com. It said to grab your Mom OR Dad. _______ I’ve had that line sitting in my drafts folder for about six weeks now. Ian is the biggest sucker in the world for commercials. At first I thought […]

The Person in the Next Stall Must Have Been Going #1

My View From the Bathroom Stall Originally uploaded by Sarah606 I took this picture at a baseball game over Memorial Day weekend. I forgot how funny it was.

At the Orioles Game 8-25-08

At the Orioles Game 8-25-08 Originally uploaded by Sarah606

Randomness Part 116

The 5 Most Baffling Sex Scenes in the History of Fan Fiction. (Thanks Gabe.) Warren Sapp dancing with the stars? I’m setting my TiVo right now. I am still not over hearing Queensryche in the grocery store. Cake Wrecks is totally worth checking out. (Stolen from Sweetney’s Linkblog) I used to have a fish named […]

Apocalypse Now

I have a whole category on this blog dedicated to “Signs of the Apocalypse“. I usually reserve this category for unlikely happenings or things that I can’t explain – like getting up at 5:00 AM to exercise or people following Tori Amos on tour. (I’ve done some research on the actual Seven Signs of the […]

Adding Insult to Injury

There are very few things that anger me more than injuring myself when I am taking out the garbage. Hmph.


Hey, remember a long time ago when I started the third annual traffic experiment? Then I promptly forgot about it. Oops. So let’s pretend that didn’t happen and I just said – the winner will be announced on September 15th. Luckily for you since I am a moron there is still time to enter and […]

No, Thank YOU

Alternate Title – And Then My Children Came Down With an Overdeveloped Sense of Manners I don’t get these kids at all. We spent the last couple days of our vacation in that mode where Claudia was refusing to smile at any family members. This included scowling at her Great-Grandmother. It was fairly embarrassing. At […]


I have my first fantasy football draft tonight. I am unreasonably excited. I think I have 5 live drafts (four online and one in person) and 2 auto-drafts this year. Does that sound excessive? ___ My husband says that Fantasy Football is boring and it is like doing accounting for fun. Agree or Disagee?

You Reap What You Sew

We are on a 16 hour road trip and Claudia has a fever. She refuses to take medicine. Let me explain that Claudia always refuses to take medicine unlike her brother (and mother, to be honest) who will take medicine just because someone else is sick and it tastes good and/or makes you feel better. […]