The Most Exclusive Ticket in Town

I just scored a seat to one of the most exclusive events I can think of.

Tomorrow morning at 7:30 am I will be present for the induction of Lumpyhead’s Mom. Nope, she isn’t getting any cool awards – that would be an induction. Just a baby.


I am so psyched! Due to fact that LHM’s mom won’t be able to be here that early in the morning I scored the coveted 5th (Well, 6th if you count LHM, 7th if you count the new baby, 8th if you count the doctor, 11th if you count the nursing staff…) spot.

Fine, maybe it isn’t the most exclusive event in DC, but you aren’t going.

Obviously I was there when my own children were born, but I was kind of out of it from the spinal block. And the lack of sleep. And the severe blood loss. I remember very little of that day. All I know is that I said some very bad words to the anesthesiologist and that I had two babies and one blood transfusion that day.

The only other birth I have witnessed was when this guy was born. NO! Not David Lee Roth. Scroll down you lazy person. I’m only 35 years old!

No matter what I am honored that Lumpyhead’s Mom and Bump are letting me be there for the birth of their third child. Especially since we met on the internet.

Wait a second. Is that weird?

It doesn’t matter. I am still telling people we met at the Creed fanclub meetings.

So anyway, go wish her (and Bump) good luck. They will need it because everyone knows that going from two kids to three kids means changing from man to zone defense.

Lumpyhead's Mom, Sarah, Mommy at Work

(This is what we will looks like once again after this baby is born. It has been a while sinced we’ve been able to drink together. Pictured here with Aunt Bob who will also be 1 or the 5, or 11…)

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  1. Wow. It’s all party, party, party with you guys!

    Good luck to Lumpyhead’s Mom/Mum (I can say that because I’m Australian). I hope they give her lots of drugs.

  2. Girl, that is so exciting!

    I was there for the birth of a neighbours baby years ago. But that is only cause her partner was out drinking and couldn’t be bothered coming home and I had to drive her to the hospital.

    And then she wanted me to stay. Even though I only knew her to wave hello to down the street. Got to know a lot about her soon after I cut the cord!!

    I know! Totally weird.

    Anyway, good luck to LHM and hope you get to muscle yourself into 5th or 6th position.

  3. OMG- this is going to be an event worth of the comedy channel. I just skipped over to Lumpyhead’s Mom’s blog (that can’t be correct grammar) which is why I assume you put a link in your post..anywho I laughed, I cried, I relived our whole moving fiasco from last fall(thanking God I wasn;t pregnant during that ordeal)!!!
    Have fun at that one and post some pictures (not THOSE pictures)!!!

  4. I wish LHM nothing but an easy delivery.

  5. That’s great! Please give Lumpyhead’s Mom an extra hand squeeze from me when she’s working through those contractions. :-)

  6. Woo hoo! I am planning how to give birth now…don’t know but planning. I WANT A PINT!

  7. Very cool! Give my best wishes to LHM and buy her a beer for me when it’s all over. Can’t wait to see if the next one looks like Lumpyhead and Lula!

  8. I know it’s a joke but I’m never letting you forget the Creed fanclub thing.

  9. I had the honor of being there when my dear friend Wendy had her baby girl 4 years ago on Valentine’s Day. I hadn’t even been pregnant yet myself so it was one hell of an awesome experience. It was so cool that I’d love to do it again someday for any of my friends. Have an amazing experience!

  10. Forget the wedding; THIS is what you need the camera for.

    If I know LHM like I think I do, and I’m sure that I do, I’m QUITE sure that she’ll have no problem with you snapping pics of her schnauzer (and the future Dimple Head) for blog posting.

    And you got to witness the birth of Opie! Lucky dog!

  11. I’m fine with not being there BUT…if the three of you make margaritas and start playing Chutes and Ladders without me I am going to be pissed.

  12. Tell LHM I said “311- I AM READY TO FIGHT”

    since that is the secret fan club password and all.
    oooops did i let it out?

  13. yeah she just needed you there cause she wasn’t going all NO host bar for this one.

    Not that I’m jealous or anything.

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