At Least I Won’t Have to Save for College

Ian said “When I grow up I am going to play for the Redskins on tv. I am going to be a throwing back.”

My children have become Washington Redskins fans behind my back. When I turned on the Hall of Fame Game on Sunday night both kids started yelling “Go Redskins!” with no prompting.

I want to lay down the law and explain to them that in THIS house we root for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but I don’t want to quash their individualism.

I understand that the Redskins are now our home team. and I respect that. I want them to be able to think for themselves and make their own decisions.

And I suppose either way they will learn the agony of rooting for a losing team.

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  1. Snort.

  2. We root for the Broncos here. And there is NO DEVIATION allowed from little people who like ‘game day’ for the food. So I applaud your open mind. But seriously, the Redskins? I have a little love in my heart for Gruden. Steer them back!!!

  3. Are you ready to embrace Brett Favre as your new reason to keep breathing (Sep-Jan)?

  4. The only time I root for the Redskins is when their playing that team from Dallas, I can’t recall their name right now.

    However, I am a diehard DC United fan. Now that’s REAL football.

  5. Growing up in the DC area I learned the pain your children will feel. One year (which if I reveal, will date me, but two words: Doug Williams) they actually WON the Superbowl…such a miracle that we all skipped school to watch the athlete-filled buses (with full tinted windows) drive by the Mall. Nice.

    Rooting for losers builds character. That’s my hope…

  6. I am a loser rooter with a long, long history of being a Browns fan. Now I live near Baltimore and my children (sob) want to be Ravens fans! I think it is my mother who is most bothered by it.

  7. I love that he’s going to be a throwing back. That’s a whole new position.

  8. I wonder what kind of multi-million dollar contract Ian can score in the position of “throwing back”?

  9. “Throwing back” — I think that’s what they call it when LT passes for a touchdown.

    On the kids rooting for the wrong team, I can’t help you. My kid roots for the “tigers.” (You may know them under the name of the Bengals.)

  10. That is just too cute – throwing back!!!

    In our house, you have to be a Green Bay Packer fan!!

  11. I could offer to trade kids with you. Coach would be so thrilled to have two little Redskins fans in our house, he’d even overlook the whole toddler/little kidlet issues.

    However, that would stick you with a Patriots fan and a Vikings fan. And I think I might like you too much to do that to you. :)

  12. Well, hm. You could have moved to Detroit.


  14. i’ve been a buc fan since they wore those horrendous orange colors!

    we’ll always make room for you down here sarah- and for your goon squad!

  15. LOL… I am from Detroit, so I am obligated to be a Lions fan. I watch them lose every Sunday for 17 long weeks. Because even on thier bye week, thay manage to lose.

  16. Good luck with the Washington vs Tampa Bay thing . . . rival teams are hard to contend with 😉

  17. It builds character to want something so bad yet you will never get it.

  18. Damn! Mom101 beat me to it! Okay, so I will switch sport altogether:

    C-A-P-S Caps! Caps! Caps!

  19. And as the starting throwing back, think of the AWESOME season tickets you’ll have!

  20. Could be worse. They could be Cowboys fans. Or Giants fans. Or crazy-ass Broncos fans.

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