The World Just Keeps Getting Smaller

I wrote a post yesterday about how my son wants to play for the Washington Redskins. As a long time Buccaneer fan this comment spoke to me:

August 6th, 2008 at 10:01 pm, suzhasbighair Says:

i’ve been a buc fan since they wore those horrendous orange colors!

we’ll always make room for you down here sarah- and for your goon squad!

So I immediately e-mailed her back. I explained that being from Tampa myself, I too suffered through the creamsickle days.

Then she e-mailed me back and said she grew up in Tampa too and she told me where she went to high school.

My high school.

She graduated before me and since we didn’t actually overlap any years we started naming people that the other one might know.

I said Did you know Michelle [name deleted to protect the innocent]? She was my best friend’s sister.

Suz replied: michelle and i were best friends at  [jr. high] and then soph at chs…  so you were friends will jill???? CRAZY!

Crazy indeed. If she hung out with Michelle I have probably met her before. I spent a good deal of the late 80’s and early ’90’s over at Jill’s house. What are the odds? Now that makes TWO people I have met randomly through blogging/commenting that went to my high school. If you add that to running into my sorority sister at BlogHer last month it really seems like the world is shrinking.

Go say hi! Suz doesn’t like to use capital letters, but we won’t hold that against her. Especially since there is a strong possibility that she bought me beer before I was old enough to buy it for myself .

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  1. I’m the girl that goes to NYC or Venice (as in Italy) and runs into people she knows.. I have not run into a IRL person yet. Unbelievable.

  2. It’s been my experience that you can fit the world on the head of a pin. To wit: I ran into my HS nemesis while walking through Times Square on my way to an audition. We grew up in a *teeny* No. Cal. town. So weird. And the stories go on and on.. Be good to everyone, I say, the world is just too small.

  3. bwahahahaha!

    my name is suz and i validate this story.

    sarah- you beat me to it!
    i’ve got this story ready to go for tomorrow on MY blog…
    cah-ray-z stuff i tell ya!

    it really is a small world after all.
    (*i know… you’re singing it now, aren’t choo?*)

  4. She didn’t know V did she?

    I just had my first follower on Twitter who is someone I knew from high school. Very weird converging of worlds.

  5. Aprylsantics says:

    I’m from Tampa, too, and I ALWAYS swore that the if the Bucs could only change their ugly uniforms and revamp (kind of a pun) the cheerleeding squad that they would do better. And they DID! Okay, so they got a new coach and stuff, but really I’ll stick with my uniform pride=morale=kick ass theory, kthnks.

  6. Did I ever tell you I work with about 4 people that were at/around UCF the same time we were? From discussions we figured out we went to some of the same shows and that it’s very possible we met while I worked at Peaches.

  7. Hey, I lived in Tampa during the creamsicle days, too!! I can’t wait to look her up and see who she is. I think I may know already. How crazy!

  8. I’ve reconnected with several old friends through blogging and social networks like Myspace. I love what’s it’s done and how it changes the world.

  9. Holy crap…too coincidences! It’s like you have some sort of universal power, Sarah!

  10. This happens a lot to me too. I run into neighbors I never see in the hood while on vacation and I’ve met 2 blogging friends that live minutes away that I would never had met if it weren’t for our blogs.

  11. One of my friends, his grandpa designed the old Bucs logo, the guy with the moustache and large hat. He was NOT pleased when they went to pewter.

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