Today is the Greatest

I have a one day turnaround.

Yesterday I got home from Albuquerque and tomorrow I leave for Hot Springs. Today consists of doing laundry and trying to procure a broadband card so that I can do my job while on the road. I also had library books to return (the library is becoming like the video store for me. With all of my late fees it will soon become cheaper to just start buying books again.) and grocery shopping.  Then I have to repack for myself and the kids before we leave in the morning.

It took me a while to wrangle up the Goon Squad and convince them that we had to go get a broadband card. I can’t imagine why they weren’t excited about it. Maybe if I had mentioned it would enable me to show them YouTube videos of transformers and princesses in the car they would have been a little bit more motivated.

So just as I was thinking this was going to be a pretty crappy day the greatest thing happened.

The DHL guy showed up at my door. (DHL, that is the yellow one right? You know, not Fed Ex, UPS or the Post Office, but the other one.) He had a big heavy box for me.

This particular box sloshed and it required someone over 21 to sign for it.

It was beer! For me!

I had completely forgotten but back in April I was in a wedding. Two of my favorite people married each other and for my bridesmaid gift they gave me years membership to The Beer of the Month Club.

Now you see why they are two of my favorite people.

I know I said beer of the month, but actually I get a mixed 12 pack every other month, or maybe it is every three months, but today was my lucky day!

Ever since that nice man brought beer to my door I have been in a good mood. I haven’t even had any yet but just knowing it is chilling in my beer fridge makes me happy.

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  1. That is the. best. bridesmaid gift. ever. Blows the roof off our silver beer mugs. Though you could dig that out for tasting these fine beers.

  2. I, too, would be doing the happy dance!

    Yay for you!

  3. Just you talking about the beer has made me crave one.

    They cold yet?

  4. Men delivering beer = main reason a guy would switch teams

  5. ROCK ON! Now if I could just get someone to give me a subscription to the cheesecake of the month club…

  6. That’s the best gift ever!!!

  7. Wooo hooo..said in my best Homer voice!!

  8. Glad you liked it. It was either that or the bacon of the month club, which I’m sure you’d enjoy as well, but we went with the beer. Mmmm beer!!!

  9. I would totally be doing a happy dance around the house. Maybe putting the kids to bed early too :)

  10. Yay beer! But what’s with all the traveling? Good luck. Travel safe.

  11. I must say that the times we have received Beer of the Month as gifts have been SUCH happy days.

    Safe Travels.

  12. Enjoy! Glad we could brighten your day!

  13. A year’s supply! That’s interesting. I should give that as a gift. Enjoy your trip!

  14. Wow – I didn’t know they could deliver beer like that. I’ll have to look into that here in MD and see – my husband would LOVE a gift like that!

  15. Wow. My delivery guys never brings me anything as great as beer!

    You might check with your library and see if you can renew through their web site. I just recently discovered this option and it’s saved me a butt-load of Moolah!

  16. The best part about getting a gift is sharing it.

    (extending empty hand)

  17. The beer fairies smiled upon you!

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