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My son is completely obsessed with Transformers. He talks about them all the time. He would watch the show 12 times a day if I let him. It is the first things he asks for when he wakes up in the morning. Yes, he may be a touch young for that level of violence but he loves it so much. He probably has 10 different Transformers and he know the name of each one.

He dreams about Transformers. He is going to be Bumblebee for Halloween.

This afternoon I was shopping for a gift for a birthday party when I saw him. Opti-Mash Prime.

How could I not buy him? A Mr. Potato Head that was dressed like Optimus Prime! Sure my kids have more toys than any two children could possibly require, but I think I would have actually been a negligent mother to pass up this opportunity.

Gabe and I try not to spoil the kids too much – we try to leave that up to the grandparents but today I could not resist. Ian has been carrying him around all afternoon.

I knew he would love it.

And yes, of course I had to buy something for the girl too. She is playing with these things right now. You can’t tell from the picture but they are sparkly.

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  1. My son has that same Mr. Potato Head, and my daughter has Darth Tater, LOL. I want the Indiana Jones one for myself :)

  2. Girl, I bought my brother the Darth Tater. He is 35. You can never get enough Mr Potato Head!

    Sometimes it is nice to just buy kids a little something just because. Good feeling huh?

  3. I find the puns for the Potato Head characters funnier than they actually are.

    Opti-Mash Prime… hee hee
    Darth Tater… snort

  4. That is AWESOME! I want one for myself.

  5. That is awesome! Seriously, I’m kind of jealous of your kids right now.

    I had lots of Transformer toys when I was little.

  6. We just had a Transformer themed bday party for my son last weekend complete with optimus prime pinata. He watches the DVD over and over, he loves when the “army guys” shoot the bad transformers. My house is now full of transformer toys. Where can you get a bumble bee costume?

  7. Kids today are so lucky.

    They didn’t have toys like that when I a kid, or even when my kids where kids.

  8. Sucker. You’re a sucker. Actually, I’m just saying that because my children have clamored for that very toy about 5 gajillion times at Target, and I keep saying no.

  9. Exact same story here. I picked up that potato head last week at Marshall’s. I justified it because it was cheaper than Target. Seriously our kids need to see one another again, they would totally still get along.

  10. I love Mr. Potato Heads. I might even buy this one for myself with possibilities of letting my daughter play with it.

  11. Man, Mia needs a Mr. Potato Head. I love Mr. Potato Head.

  12. There’s more than meets the eye, that’s for sure.

    And, speaking from experience, you will soon have no idea where Polly is and be left with some sparkly cars.

  13. We have one of those, too. For my husband.

  14. We got my nephew the Indiana Jones one for his birthday. Sometimes I wish we had a boy in this house so we could have some cool boy toys. All my kids want to do is dress up and play with dolls.

  15. I love it.

  16. My son really hasn’t gotten into the transformers stage yet. He’s been stuck in “Cars” stage for the longest time.

    But that Mr. Potato head is really cool. I wonder if they have one in the “Cars” theme?

  17. David Chanel says:

    I am totally on my way to the store Right Now!

  18. My son loves transformers too. We used to have that same potato head guy until we lost so many pieces it was kind of useless. If only we lived close enough for our kids to play together!

  19. Darth Tater- TD was supposed to get that one and then Nana bought boring ol’ regular Mr. Potato Head that she now calls, Cutie Pie. And never plays with. I still want Darth Tater if only for myself. I have DarthVaderitis.

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