Three Embarrassing Confessions

Confession #1. Thanks to my cohorts over at MamaPop I am hopelessly addicted to The Twilight Series.

Yes, I am reading young adult fiction. I am reading an entire series of young adult fiction – and it is about vampires – and I am staying up way to late at night to read these books, which I suppose is better than developing an internet bingo addiction, but still embarrassing.

Gabe is never going to let me live this one down.


Confession #2. I have an inexplicable craving for Hamburger Helper. The cheeseburger macaroni kind.

Yes, I know it is gross that is why I have included it in my embarrassing confessions post.

Ew. Really gross. Just look at that picture. That could turn people into vegetarians.

(Didn’t work. I’m still craving it. It is as if my body is lacking salt and fat.)


Confession #3. Yesterday I had to create a new Yahoo account because when I went to sign up for the Mommy Needs Fantasy Football League Yahoo informed me that I was already participating in the maximum number of leagues allowed.

Who is Yahoo to judge me?

I can handle fantasy football. I don’t have a problem. I can quit anytime I want.


Anyway, I can’t talk. I need to see what Edward and Bella are up to quickly before my next draft starts.

Nobody tell me anything! I just started the second book, New Moon and I don’t want to know anything. I already accidentally found out about Jacob and I wish I didn’t know.


Edited to add: I don’t know why they call this stuff Hamburger Helper, it does just fine by itself.

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  1. RE: Hamburger Helper. No need to feel embarrased at all, you just have HH karma, it happens to me all the time but with other food. Like if I have chocolate today i NEED it tommorrow. Last week I demanded fish tacos for lunch and dinner four days in a row. You will tire of HH and move on to some other strange thing soon. It works that way with beer except I don’t ever get tired of that go figure.

  2. Dude. I just started New Moon and I know nothing about Jacob, other than being Bella’s friend. My kids are being so neglected since I started reading this saga. Help!

  3. You are hiladious. And that is one freaking ugly meal. Looks like something my mom would make (God love her, she just wasn’t much of a cook!).

  4. I have to admit, I am with you on the HH thing. I heart cheeseburger macaroni. I guess that is the beauty of having kids, you can blame your food choices on them!

  5. I LOVE hamburger helper!

  6. Your confessions….i read the Twilight series in 4 days…LOVED every minute of it.

    Confession number 2…love cheeseburger mac HH…so do the kids…although they do pickout the beef

  7. Aprylsantics says:

    I totally LOVE the cheeseburger macaroni HH. I also like the beef stroganoff one. My kids HATE HH. Yes, this is the bizarro house.

    Tuna helper, on the other hand, is sooooo nasty. Hot tuna from a can? E to the double W.

  8. I laughed when I read this and again when I got your Goodreads update – our book club just picked the first book for this months’ read and I blazed through it. I’m going to have to get the next ones. And Hamburger Helper? It’s a weekly meal at our house, although we’re partial to the stroganoff (however you spell it!)

  9. I read book 1 AND book 2 in an effing WEEK!!!

    Yes, over 1000 pages of pure vampire bliss!

  10. Jeezus Sarah. I went to the store yesterday and bought this. 1) I never go to the store because 2) I bring home shit like this. Husband is horrified. IT WAS ON SALE.

  11. I love Hamburger Helper.

    And if you threw KFC popcorn chicken on it…(drool)

  12. I loooove loove the Twilight series too. Vampire-y goodness in every page (have finished entire 4 books). And I make HH w/ ground turkey.

  13. How many Yahoo fantasy football leagues does it take to fill your max? Oh, and you know, ESPN has leagues too, you can always sign up for a bunch there too. 😉

  14. Hambooger Helper!?! Yuck!!!

  15. I’m reading Eclipse and I’ve got Breaking Dawn ready for when I’m done. I love this series. But then again, I love Harry Potter, too, if that tells you anything about me!

  16. Sounds like something my daughter would get into; the books, not the Hamburger Helper. That’s for daddy. Oh yea. Give in to your desires for the Helper. The craving won’t pass until you do.

    So yea, those books. Gory and s*it? Vampires? Appropriate for 13 yr olds?

  17. Hamburger Helper is Sam’s favorite food in the whole world. I have to admit that I enjoy it also. I also like Ramen.

  18. re: Hamburger Helper: not pregnant, right? (Just checking)

    And I guess since you’re maxed out on Fantasy Football you’re probably not interested in Fantasy Hockey, right? Anyway, you’re invited if you are interested.

  19. The hamburger helper beef stroganoff flavor is so good. Especially with the canned Pillsbury Grands flaky layers biscuits.

    And the Twilight thing looks so intriguing to me. There’s just something about a 140-year-old sparkly virgin.

  20. I am so with you on the Hamburger Helper. I haven’t had that stuff in a million years because Stan thinks that anything made with ground beef and noodles is some kind of atrocity. I have been craving it for a number of years, so I can concur with HeyJoe that the craving will not go away until you satisfy it!!

  21. My mom used to make Hamburger Casserole, which was ground beef and mac n cheese in one pot. It is so much better than Hamburger Helper.

    And also, I’m like the only one who hasn’t read the Twilight series, so I ordered them online today.

  22. I won’t judge, I just checked out a 4th grade level book from the school library. For me.

  23. I don’t think we have hamburger helper here in Aus. But I have to admit it looks like something I would eat as comfort food (read: hangover food).

  24. Ha, I’m hoping you spend all your time fretting about your other FF leagues and forget to trade all 5 of your RBs.

    Ever read the Anita Blake books? They’re definitely adult vampire books. I’d recommend them, with the caveat not to read them if Gabe’s out of town, if you know what I mean.

  25. That HH looks like a piping hot plate of vomit.

  26. I hear ya about Twilight saga. Read it several weeks ago. Now that you’re done with Twilight, go to Stephenie’s website ( and read the first 12 leaked chapters of Midnight Sun- Twilight told from Edward’s perspective 😉

    And stay away from spoilers, it will ruin it!

  27. I finished the entire 4 books in one week.

    Obsessed? Nah.

  28. That “food” photo (and yes, the quotation marks are entirely appropriate and intentional) may be the grossest thing I’ve seen since I stopped changing diapers.

  29. Isn’t Hamburger Helper minus the Hamburger basically glorified mac and cheese? Maybe your inner child is starving?

  30. Twitter made me start the series…I’m 3/4th finished w/ the 4th book. I hear that there will be a 5th.
    I don’t think it reads like a Youth book though.. Bella is mature for her age, in one of the books (NOT A SPOILER) her mother comments to her about how mature she is.
    I haven’t had hamburger helper in forever..thanks Sarah…now I want some

  31. Thank god it wasn’t Tuna Helper. Then I’d have to take you off my blogroll.

  32. Just ordered the Twilight book off Amazon and am waiting for it to come so I can get sucked in! (pun intended)

  33. I love Hamburger Helper too. That’s the cheeseburger kind, isn’t it? Yum.

  34. I finished the Twilight series in 4 days. It was awesome. No shame in reading them. HH is kinda gross, but my kids actually eat it…so eh.

  35. Yahoo can take a hike. They obviously don’t know quality when they see it. Too many leagues. That’s b.s. – pure and simple.

  36. found out what about jacob?

    i’ve only read the first book, so far. but, i totally stayed up til 4:30am reading it. NOT SMART.

    i hated it and loved it at the same time. i’ve been resisting the temptation to but the second book for about 5 days now. i’m hoping that if i wait long enough, i’ll get over it. kind of like how i never felt compelled to read Angels and Demons even though i devoured The Davinci Code. (i think the dan brown books are comparable to the stephanie meyer books in the sense that they both contain laughable writing, and yet we all stay up all night reading them anyway.)

    i think the fact that i’m now going crazy wondering: you found out WHAT about jacob???? probably means that i’m going to have to go ahead and accept the fact that i’m hooked, and that i will indeed read the rest of the books.


    thanks for the rambling space, though.

  37. um, yeah. i read the entire Twilight series in one weekend. i ignored my husband and my kids and my friends. i was OBSESSED. i’m not proud of this.

  38. Hamburger Helper inspired my letter writing to corporate knuckleheads. When I was 10 I wrote the marketing people at Hamburger Helper to complain about the old “Helps her make a great meal ad.” See, I lived with my dad, and he did all the cooking. I found the ad to be off message and offensive to both men and women. The ad didn’t change for years, but we did get a free case of Hamburger Helper in gratitude for my feedback (which my 10 year old activist self promptly donated).

  39. I think Edward loses his soul when he and Bella finally do it and it turns him into a demonic vampire again instead of a nice one and then he helps Spike try to kill Bella and she has to stab him with a big sword to send him to hell and Willow and Xander are all “Oh, poor Bella.”

  40. I just finished the Twilight series. They’re like crack… you get a little hit and you can’t stop.

  41. Would the ManSitter like The Twilight series? Tell me. If so, I think I know what he’ll be getting for Chanukah.

    As for the HH. THAT is THE sign of the appocalypse. Eww.

  42. I am also addicted to the Twilight series, I’m in the middle of Breaking Dawn right now and I’m so upset that there is not another one I can start right after this one!!!!

  43. I’m with you on 1 and 2 though I prefer the Beef Stroganoff HH. I totally LOVE Jacob. I’d take Jacob over Edward any day.

  44. 1. Hey if I can still have a little thing for Judy Blume then it’s okay that you read about vampires. I won’t judge you, however I have a feeling after my little confession I may be about laughed at.

    2. I may have just thrown up a little in my mouth.

    3. That’s okay, you are doing well, a girlfriends husband has joined 5. Yep, 5. I don’t think he can quit anytime he wants. I’m considering opening a rehab facility.

  45. Reading Young Adult fiction is a virtue; I do it all the time. So much of it is richer and covers more important issues than a lot of “grown up” books. My 17 year old synagogue friend is about to lend me Twilight. I’m totally stoked. No more apologies Sarabelle!

  46. What an awful thing to do to mac and cheese! I got diarrhea just looking at that picture!

  47. Is/Was obsessed with all things Harry Potter and am seriously annoyed that that dang woman has decided to quit writing after 7 books and why doesn’t she take into consideration my needs? So because of JK Rowling, I refuse to start another Young Adult series…I don’t want to commit to something I already know (or suspect) is finite. *sniff*

    And you’re not kidding about the FFB…I’m kinda getting into it even though I have NO clue what I’m doing. :)

  48. Robin Misener says:


    I was wondering if you were reading the series. The 17 year old daughter of a friend of mine BEGGED me to read the series. I told her I am not into vampires, young adult books, or romance stories. I read Twilight one Friday night and Saturday I was at the bookstore buying New Moon and Eclipse. I was at the Midnight Party at Borders to by Breaking Dawn.

    I am going to give them to Melissa and Paige to read!

  49. lol – I’m right there with ya. I’m in my early 30’s, reading YA fiction!

    Loved, loved, LOVED the entire series – and just started a discussion in our group at Blog Catalog. Hope you can join us.

    Can’t wait for the movie!!

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