Listen Here, Hanna

*clears throat*

Listen here, Hanna because I have a couple of things I would like to say to you.

1) I didn’t leave sunny Florida and learn how to drive in snow to live through hurricanes. I live HOURS from the beach. Hurricanes are unacceptable.

2) Enough with the power flashing on and off. I am sick to death with starting all of my posts over and over. This is also very pesky when it comes to all of the e-mails I have to send for my preschool job (why did I agree to be on the board again?). I have enough stress today without having to reboot my computer and reset every clock in the house once an hour.

3) My satellite is out.

This is where I really take offense. Do you know that the UCF v USF game is on at 7:00? Do you know I told all of my USF and UCF friends in the area to come over and watch my college get pummeled by Gabe’s college tonight? This will be a very boring football game if there are six of us gathered around my monitor watching the live scoreboard on CBS Sportsline for three hours.

So listen up Hanna (If that is even your real name. What kind of storm spells Hannah without the “h” on the end anyway?) cut it out, hurry up and blow by.

And while you are at it stop flooding the road between my house and the beer store.

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  1. Amen, except I would have addressed mine to Gustav and now Ike.

  2. Damn. The flooding between home and the beer store would piss me off.

  3. They make hurricane proof Keen’s that would totally make it to the beer store…

    Here’s hoping your power stays on for the game!

  4. It’s beautiful here in sunny Florida too! In the pool all day with my own little “hurricane hannah” and she’s a force because she’s got that H at the end of her name!

  5. So take that Hanna!!!!!


    I have a lot of catching up to do on your blog, that’s what happens when you go on vacation for a month so to suck up profusely, I’ve given you a little award if you’ll accept it :)

  6. Keeping my fingers crossed that your power stays on and the satellite is working again. Watching TV on an itty bitty screen is no fun!

  7. I’m glad you have your priorities in the right order: football, beer.

  8. Seriously. How are we supposed to live through these indignities?

    Also, I retreated from my preschool board this year. It is Awesome. I highly recommend it.

  9. You’re on your preschool board? Chump.

    And yeah, after a certain time, I just left all the clocks flashing. 3B was a little hacked off that we couldn’t watch LL Cool J on YouTube, however.

  10. Go Knights!

    And Go Away Ike!

  11. And with that, a virtual bitch slap for you Hanna!

    Now let Sarah get to the damn beer store!!

  12. I agree. Hanna must go away. It has made for a rather boring day indoors for me and the boys.

  13. ha. We got spared the power outages by Hanna (unlike Isabel a few years ago when we lost power for 3 days and the OTHER SIDE OF THE STREET never even flickered). However, I live right next to a lake that rose over 15ft and breached the construction site for the new dam; causing a flooding out of the road next to it and evacuation of the townhouses closest to the dam. There’s a playground next to the lake, and only the top bar of the swingset could be seen above the water. Pretty surreal. I’ll try and remember to post some pics to flickr later.

  14. Hanna, flooding out the road between the beer store is just cruel. People have managed with out football, (I am not saying that I am one of them) but the beer store is just stepping over the line!

  15. I am the middle of the fricking country..and we got flooded by I understand your pain.

  16. We’ve got the wimpiest power grid by me and somehow I didn’t lose power (I nearly feel over from shock…we normally lose power just because it’s a Tuesday); nor did we lose our satellite–just don’t ask me about our HD channels because it was ugly trying to obsess over The Weather Channel in standard def.
    The only bad part? Listening to my 4-yr old say “it is STILL raining!” over and over an over.

  17. The Beer Store? We need a nearby Beer Store … mmmmm, beer …

  18. My mother lives in Charleston, SC and they thought they were going to get hit by Hanna…they got a light thunderstorm. My mom is now referring to Hanna as “The Little Storm that Couldn’t”

  19. Damn Hanna washed out my Saturday open house, and made me have to call out the basement waterproofing folks AGAIN to deal with the river of water running right under the door and into my basement!!

    Seriously, why do they have to give hurricanes names? Can’t they just call them by their dates like they do with earthquakes? Cause, who wants to name their child Isabelle now? Or Gustav (okay, I wasn’t really using that one anyway)

  20. We have squirrels that make my power go on and off all the time. I wish we’d get a hurricane in Ohio that could wash those suckers away for good.

  21. Hannah cam to visit us to in CT Although she was just a tropical storm when she got to us she sure was a pain in the you know what while she was here for her visit!!!!!!!

  22. Well, well now Hannah……..

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