Not THAT Sarah

If you are here looking for information on Sarah Palin’s goon squad, sadly you are in the wrong place but I really appreciate your stopping by.

I know, I used to be one of two Sarahs that had a goon squad – the other one has a lot of pictures on the internet and she is probably off to college by now, but my Google Alerts are going crazy with this Palin and her alleged goon squad.

Welcome, Mrs. Palin. Now there are three of us.

Sorry I won’t be voting for you in November. I bet I could get crazy traffic if you were elected Vice-President. I feel kind of bad for Tina Fey too. She would have excellent job stability for the next four years if you were elected.

But I digress, you were probably looking for this goon squad blog post on the Daily Kos.

You are welcome.

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  1. Why do so many Sarah’s have Goon Squads?

  2. I’d take you and your goon squad over her and hers any day of the week.

  3. Can I have a Good Squad. Joe’s Goon Squad has a nice ring, doesn’t it?

    I’ve never mentioned it, but I love the word “goon” I have fond memories of Alice the Good from Popeye.

    I need help. Won’t you please help me?

  4. I want a goon squad. I need to put that on my list of things I want before I die, right along with a pony, and a trip to Australia.

  5. Forgive me. Alice the “GOON” I always get her confused with Glinda’s sister.

  6. You should totally keep this as a sticky post up top until this election is over.

    Along with the rest, I too want a goon squad. My babes are way to naughty to even come close to a goon.

  7. I would be a little offended if they compared my Goon Squad to hers.

  8. How many do you need to have in order to classify as a squad?

  9. So wait… You can’t field dress a moose? Well, that’s it, I’m not reading anymore.

  10. There is a better chance I’d vote if you were on the ticket. Did you catch the picture on the cover of Newsweek this week?

  11. But what is your position on the bridge to nowhere?

  12. Get some glasses and go hunting.

  13. So, are you saying that you can’t hook me up with that hottie McCain?

  14. That is the first thing I said when I saw her, “she looks like an older Tina Fey.”

    P.S. My hairdresser told me that Palin’s hair scares her.

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